Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to My Birthday Blog!!!

What's up everyone!

If you didn't know, yes, today is my birthday. I am 26 years old. This past Saturday I had an outstanding B-day party with my homegirl Keemoy, who was also celebrating a birthday as well. I think I'm gonna have a little private party with myself this Saturday coming up though. I think I might get a cheap hotel room for a day just to get away from everything and everybody. I would like to spend that time having cocktails, chillin and recording songs for my EP. Speaking of that, I'm happy to let you all know that the writting process for my songs is coming along just fine. To get it in, I am writing just about anywhere I can. I be typing lyrics on my phone on the bus, writing lyrics at home, at work, anywhere. I have written more verses for my songs and I am really coming up with some great material. All I can say is expect witty punchlines, insightful commentary, and bangin soundscapes/instrumentals. Right now the way things are looking I should have the project itself completed by the end of next month. So let's cross our fingers. Well I'mma make this one a short one, but I'll holla at you all tomorrow with more insight into this crazy life of mine. Until that time, take care and God Bless.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

God Bless Haiti and God Bless Us All

Greetings Everyone!

Man, this week has sure been a bitter and fustrating. As I type this, I am in major pain. You see when I was in the Navy I fractured my top left shin bone or tibia when I hyperextended it going up for a rebound in a game of basketball. That was the reason I had to leave the Navy. This happened back in 06 and it has not healed right over the years. It is still fractured now. Even though I can walk on it, it still gives me great problems. I have been seeing a doctor for it, but so far they don't think an operation is needed. It is not a great feeling at all trust me. Then to make a bad week even worse, the earthquake happened in Haiti, which is a major tradgedy. I hope we as a country and others can get as much help to them as possible. I myself plan to donate what I can, when I find a place I would like to give through. I'm going to pray for everyone involved in that crisis that they get through this. To add to a growing list of things making me mad lately, my peeps are getting on my nerves. They always get on my nerves, but lately it has been ridiculous. Now maybe some of it I brought on myself, but I know for sure not all of it. You would think for somebody that has a broken leg and still trying to do the chores they demand, they would give a brother a break. But no, they think I can just get around with a problem. So of course they make me go up and down the steps to do various things, and act like they don't realize the extra pain they put me through for no reason. Maybe they really just don't care. I don't know. I know one thing though, enough is enough. I got to get the hell up out of there. I need to be alone, so I don't have to deal with anybody but myself. On top of that I doing my very best to fight off sickness. I'm doing a pretty good job so far, but the symptoms of a cold our trying to worsen. I rarely get sick and I cannot afford to be right now. Being sick slows you down and depletes your energy. I need all of that I can get to keep me moving and surviving around here. I am determined to get a few songs recorded. I got back in touch with another producer buddy of mine, Jared Fite, the one and only ThunderBird Juicebox. I encourage all of you guys to look him up and check him out. He is an awesome producer with great music that will get you breakin in no time. I know he's going to go on and do big things. So we had been talking about him doing the mastering of all my songs for my EP and he was excited to lend a hand. We had been playing phone tag for a minute but I chatted with him briefly on Facebook before he went to work. I will be giving him a call tonite after he gets off. I know we got alot to catch up about. That one phone call right there might be the highlight of my whole week. The reason being that we are both music nerds who can spend all day talking about the business, producing, other artist and equipment. It's always fun talking with him about these things and I always learn something new. He has a little more experience in the business so far than I do and he's getting connected with alot of key people. I love living vicariously through the adventures and situation he gets himself. I respect him alot and glad to be connected with him. I know we are gonna collab on alot of good music. I'm glad I'll be chopping it up with him because I need something positive to brighten up my gloomy mood. It's just a combination of mess that I have been trying to not let eat at me, but sometime certain things just push my buttons. Anyone who is in to praying, please pray for a brother because I'm going through it. I know things can be worse, but they also can be better too. Then I just heard my man Gilbert got charged with a felony which means his NBA days are most likely over. I am really mad at that!! He is one of my favorites ever as I have mentioned in the previous blog.

Well I hate to end this one on a bitter note but hey, that's life. Until the next time, take care and keep hope alive because I'm sure gonna try... Peace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's happening people!?

It's your man D Natural here, just checking in with y'all to update you on this chaos I call my life, lol. I hope everyone out there is doing alright, maintaining and getting business taken care of. I sure am trying to do the same thing. My homeboy Brandon was understanding me when I was talking about how crazy things can get when your trying to get so much accomplished. I explained to him how I really want to get this first solo project done by the end of February and how fustrated I was that I have not been able to complete things lately when I want to complete them. I do believe he was right when he responded that I have to pace myself. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day and good things do take time to create. The last thing I want to do is rush the rest of this recording project. I really do have to pace myself. I'm still proud of myself for getting things taken care of lately though.

I've managed to pay off some of this debt I have by getting caught up with student loans, paying off other loans completely as well as staying on top of current bills. I still have some ways to go to pay all this stuff off though because I was careless with my income a few years back while in the military. So now I am in the process of building my credit back up and all that jazz. I'm really intent on getting caught up on as much of these little debts I racked up as possible. The reason being that I'm trying to set myself up prior to moving into my own place, so that I don't have many things I owe on moneywise. When I make that move, where ever I make my bachelor pad, I plan on staying there for awhile and not getting kicked out. I've been homeless before and I ain't going back to that crap. I've been taking care of whatever business I can and I do happily expect my credit score to increase in about a few months. It has went up a little bit recently which has also made me very happy. I remember how it used to look and let's just say I was truly ashamed. With that said, I'm still finding ways to give what I have to help others as well. On Wednesday I will be helping a friend out by giving them some money to help with a situation that they're in. It feels good to give. I'm a big fan and student of Russell Simmonds who said's in his book Do You! that you become a good getter when you become a good giver. I am simply sowing some good karma into my future. After all, this is a new year with new beginnings and I very focused on being successful in all areas of my life.

For those of you that don't know, my birthday is this month on the 25th and I will be 26. I am excited to be having a birthday celebration with my homegirl Keemoy whose birthday is a couple days before mine. We've decided to throw a party with all our friends together. So far the guest list is looking pretty good. Atleast 50 people are attending with more possibly on the way. It's really gonna be exciting being that we posted the party on Facebook. Alot of old friends I've connected with recently are coming to the party and some of them I haven't seen in over 15 years. I'm gonna have people I haven't seen since elementary, middle, and high school as well as college. It's truly gonna be a night to remember. You know your boy is gonna be looking fly and at my best. I haven't been to a good party in awhile so I'm looking to really let loose and party like a rockstar.

Speaking of Facebook, I recently chatted on there with someone from No Bull Radio which is an online radio that plays indie and underground music. Not only will they play my music but they also want an interview with me to get the word out about what I do. I'm so excited to work with them to make this happen. It just motivates me to get this first project wrapped up so I can debut my music on their radio station! As far as writing and recording, I've made some progress in the writing of songs. I'm more confortable in how to approach each song and how the structure of the songs gonna flow. This week I should be able to knock out some songs with no problem being that I don't to be at choir rehearsal. You see this week is Men's week and when the Men's choir sing someone else plays. It's the only Sunday out the month when I don't play. So you know I'm really glad I don't have to be there tonite or Thursday. I can use that time as well other times to record, and I will. As I said earlier, look for at least one link for one song on here that I will upload from the solo project.

Well that's about all that's really crackin right now. I'll be putting more pics up as well as other stuff on here so stay tuned and I won't dissapoint. Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What's up world!

Happy New Year to all first of all. I have wanted to post my first blog of this year earlier than this but time didnt allow. Anyhow, I am looking forward to all the exciting things that will be happening this year with my music and my poetry. Shout out to my very first follower, the lovely Mrs. Ashley Scurlock.

As for the music, I have been scribling lyrics hear and there but nothing to write home about yet. I have been getting the craving to record lately, which is really good because I'm more motivated to find the time to get this first project done so that I may move on to the next ones. The next projects will be strickly my spoken word poetry over my music production. I am really excited to begin work on those releases. My Twitter account is slowly growing with followers and friends. It's amazing who you can talk to on there, especially famous people. When I upgrade to my new business phone next month, I will be on Twitter non-stop as well as Facebook. I'm also still going to continue to develop this Blog as well as the Myspace spot. Seperate from the songs on my first solo project, I will soon be uploading links to exclusive free songs. I should have the first one up in like a week, so cross your fingers. There is so much that needs to be done and I'm very anxious to get things completed. I gotta take it one day I a time so bear with me and I promise I'll deliver that fresh sound you are looking for.

On a personal note, I am mad they suspended my man Gilbert Arenas over that bullshit that happened with guns in the Wizards lockeroom. I am a big NBA fan and a fan of the Washington Wizards. Even though they are not having a stellar season, I still faithfully tune in and watch their games. One of the main reasons I follow them is because of Gilbert. He is one of my favorite players. I also respect what he has had to deal with in his life, overcoming the odds, and that he plays hard with passion. I hope he gets through this situation okay. I know he' mad cause he hasnt played in nearly two years from injury and he finally comes back but now can't complete the rest of the season(with no pay at that). Not that he needs the money though, LOL. Keep your head up Gil. Much love.

I gotta get crackin at finding an apartment, I need my space and my sanity. Will Smith was on point when he came out with the song "Parents just don't understand"!! Living with my peeps sucks ass and I gotta escape asap. For those of you that live with your peeps and not mind, much respect because I can't. I need to be alone. Pray for me as I get this money up to make that move. That is a main priority!

Alrighty until the I'm gonna steal my man Tavis Smiley's closing words saying: Take care and Keep the Faith!!!