Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspiring Friday but the rest of the weekend ditto........

What's up world!!! Your man D Natural back with another blog!!!

Well I'll begin with Friday.... This was an exciting day for me being that I got to see one of my favorite artist Jill Scott and Maxwell perform live in concert at the Verizon Center in DC. Let me just say it was off the hook!! As a musician you now I can appreciate any performance, especially when it's being given by some great artist with real talent! So I got off of work and went to meet the person who I was taking with me that night by the arena. Guy Torry, a funny comedian, opened up the show with some funny jokes, then Jill Scott took the stage with a presence that's unbelievable. I can't wait until the day I have stage presence like that! She gave a very good performance, DC being one of her favorite cities! She even cried in the middle of one her songs. When you feel it, you feel it!! You see as artist it takes alot for us sometimes to write the songs we write. Some songs you just connect with more than others at times because of the emotion it took to create it. Sometimes those emotions are can brought on very strongly simply by just performing it, which is what happened to Jill! I respect her greatly as an artist because you can feel her passion when you hear her work. Not many strike a chord (no pun intended) and give me goosebumps like that, but she does!! Up next after a rather lengthy intermission was Maxwell who was just as great! Another artist who I consider a real artist because of the emotion and passion you can feel from their music. He gave an energized and very entertaining performance which had everybody dancing!! Both artist really let DC know how much they loved the people and the city! It was a great night. I was very inspired. I always leave these type of events with a sense of anxiety because I can't wait to perform in front a sold out arena, to reach that many people with my music. The ability to even perform your song that you wrote from your soul and hear people sing your words back to you is a blessing! Now that's the power of communication, the power of music, making that universal connection! That's part of why I do what I do, digg?

To bad the rest of the weekend wasn't so inspiring or eventful. All I really did was lay around and do some promotions work online as far as the music goes. However, I did get some inspiring compliments of my work that I currently have out which always makes me feel good. My beats are really starting to spread and my name is getting out there! Im making connections and the future careerwise is looking bright. I really have to concentrate and get my album done though, but Im not tryna rush it. i will be releasing the second single "Guestlist" this week. It seems as though when I get ready to focus back on my solo material, a potential client pops up that wants to talk business!!! This is very good don't get me wrong, but if you are not paying attention you can get overwhelmed with the attention. But this is what I wanted, this is what I've been working for. I'll continue to consider all the business offers that are coming my way, but you also have to filter out who's really serious and who's not. This will take experience and trusting your gut. But as far as current projects other than my own, I'll be wrapping up my work for my homie Puneet Prasad and then Ill be getting into producing some soul music for my client in Texas, who is already thrilled with one track I sent and I believe he has already started writing to it as well. As always, Ill keep yall updated. Until the next time, take care and keep the faith!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Progre$$! Moving Forward!!!

What's up world!

This is your man D Natural back with some cool updates!...

First, just know that your man I has been busy as usual! The music grind in itself is an artform in my opinion, and you have to be just as creative in how you approach it as you do with making the the music! When you are starting out managing yourself like I do, you have to be constantly on your toes for new oppurtunity. I feel I almost have to look at myself as another person and constantly switch perspectives. By this mean I mean, I wear so many hats. Since I have decided Im gonna manage myself, I have to step outside myself and look at me as a talent agent would, as an artist. I know what skills, talent, and abilities I have as an music producer/artist (cuz no one knows me better than me) and its about me as a manager always thinking what best for me the artist and creating a plan to showcase the talents in any area where sound and writing in my case can take you!

This is a journey for me learning how to do this and I'm really just starting out so I have to learn as I go which has been working out fine, since I'm a fast learner. It's alot of hard work, but I'm figuring it out and have definitely been getting results.....

First I am now being featured on! A website for up and coming DMV artist!! I've been really working hard at promoting myself, because Im going deeper and deeper into the promotions phase of my projects as I gear up for my album release late summer 2010 (The Sigh of Relief EP) The beauty of that is the more effort and energy you put into it, as long as the music is good, it seems as though people come outta nowhere wanting to help you. I've been getting alot of that happening to me. People on Twitter are promoting my music, as well as other people who are becoming fans. Alot of industry cats are following as well! I wanna be on everyone's radar and let them know that I'm serious about my music business!!!!

The highlight of my week i must say, is when the FunkRegulata DJ Cee Lo who is Legendary in my area (the DMV area: DC, MD, and VA) got back to me, giving me props for two of my beats he really liked on my account!!! This meant so much to me, being that I grew up listening to this guy on WKYS 93.9, a local radio station here, and now I'm communicating with him, and he's stayin in contact with me!!! I can only imagine what doors this my open for me! What else.....

I have a new client in Texas, who I am getting ready to start work on a series of soul music for. I gotta grab something from the music shop before I can started on that. I also think its time I invest in a better mic lol. Lord knows I've done wonders with this plastic radio shack mic I got. Because I work with what I got to make it sound good, people never would expect me to be using what I using but, hey its not what you have, its how you use it. It's not the equipment that makes the hotness, its the man behind the equipment. I have a desire to do as much as I can with as little as possible. I think Kanye West had the same idea, and look what happened to him. It can be done!!! But with people really starting to take me seriously and keepin an ear out to what I put out, I should at least upgrade to a new mic so my vocals sound clearer. Afterall, its a business investment, and I am my business. You can never invest enough into yourself, family and friends. Its the sacrifice that will bring you the $ucce$$ in the end!

Well untill the next time, heres to reaching the dream!! Peace and Love..Lata - D Natural