Thursday, November 11, 2010

Been maaaddd busy!!

What's up world!!! It's your man D-Natural back with just a quick blog before I head to rehearsal. I know I haven't blogged anything since the end of September when I posted my last poem. It's for a really really good reason. You're man has been grinding his ass off as usual. I've been out in the streets performing, doing beat battles, recording sessions, enrolling in business school, working on my upcoming albums, and just really hustling. Whenever you don't see me blog anything for a minute its because of that and only that. I'll put up a more in depth blog on exactly what I have been up to the last couple of months and exactly how I plan to end 2010. All I gotta say is be prepared because your man is going hard and ending the year off with new releases including my album, Poetic Soul, which will be the prequel to my album I'm starting 2011 with called The Sigh of Relief EP, which I was gonna release this year. Everything has been pushed backed because of other business and opportunities that came up that your man HAD TO jump on. Everything has been picking up and it feels really really good. Check out my last TwitVid I put out, to get a more visual/personal feel of where I am coming from ---->> D-Natural PSA 

I will be premiering my next single "Guestlist" which I have talked about which will appear on the Sigh of Relief EP next year. I also have a new single that will be out this weekend called "Exodus" which will be on another new album as I have mention called the Poetic Soul album.

That's about it for now. Gotta run and get back on the grind doin what I do best at choir rehearsal. I've got WAY MORE to let you guys in on music business wise and personally. I'm growing tremendously in both areas. As you know everything pops off here at my blog. All my readers here will always get the new material and fresh insights from me first. As always keep the faith, keep chasing your dreams. Make sure you savor each moment and enjoy the simple beauties of life we sometimes take for granted. Much love. Peace..