Saturday, January 28, 2012

Madness ! ! ! ! !

D-Natural "Madness" >>

What's up yall ? ! ?

It's yours truly D-Natural , back with another installment of this blog mines ! ! As usual, I've stayed on the grind and have recently had a huge surge of creative energy ! ! ! I've decided to dismantle my Poetic Soul EP , opting instead to release a few singles from that project seperately , while throwing the rest from that period in my vault . I've been thinking of things a lil bit differently now and have gone through some changes lately . This has me desiring a new approach to what I'm going to release at the beginning of this year . Don't worry though , you will see a Poetic Soul EP surface among the handful of complete projects I'll be releasing this year ! It's just right now I just feel like creating new things and releasing brand new things ! ! It's like I feel I have to keep up with my ever evolving sound ! That's the only way I'll write the best songs for myself as an artist, giving you the most accurate pieces of me ! I like to call my solo singles appetizers, because they are designed to keep you happy until I hit you with the full course !

Fortunately, as taste of things to come, we are gonna kick off some of my new solo material with my brand new single "Madness" . It's my very first release via the very awesome Bandcamp website ! In "Madness" , you find me getting my thoughts off my chest of how people and certain things in life annoy the hell outta me . When you have a mission and a goal in life to fulfil, one like me just desires to just grind without the drama of haters and other fools . But hey that's life, and even though they can be fustrating, you need such challenges so show your potential and allow you to grow. I simple give my response to such matters in my song here . I hope everyone enjoys it and if it's something you think you might wanna bump in your whip or your iPod, I encourage you to download  it for a recession-friendly price of 50 cents ! Your investment will be well appreciated ! Starving artist like me, need the support of our fans to continue to blossom so that we may continue to give you the great art you deserve .

Along with my new single "Madness", you can probably hear some brand new spanking beats I've recently released, on my widget player to the right of the page ! ! > > > >

These new tracks include "Sam" (named in honor of my dog Sam, who just passed after 18 long years of life!) "Simple" and "KeriKnowles" !

"Simple" and "KeriKnowles" were made after a friend of mines challenged me to make a some tracks in a certain amount of time . Since she was a fan of Beyonce and Keri Hilson, I decided to make a few joints in that type of vibe . .

As for other things, I've been working on more new beats/songs of course, more new poetry of course, new live video and other goodies I'm not goin to expound on right this moment . Just know I'm working, and now as you can see, I'm ready to start delivering ! !


I would like to dedicated this blog post to our beloved family dog Sam, who has finally gotten his wings after an amazing 18 years of life ! I took this photo of Sam during Thankgiving weekend last Novemeber . Little did I know , that would be the last time I could visit my brother from another mother ! !

 My mother first got Sam for my stepfather, when I was in the 7th/8th grade ! ! I just turned 28 years old , on the 25th of this month ! Mom called me to report that Sam passed away the day after my birthday . This was a huge loss to my family . Your pets become like members of your family . He was with us for 18 strong ,wonderful years ! That's alot of history and memories with an animal !

We can can learn alot from them ! The unconditional love, respect, protection, and care they give you can never be matched . They accept you with all your flaws ! I will be writing a song about Sam and putting it on one of my albums this year ! In the meantime, I've named one of my new beats "Sam" in honor of him ! I think that beat gives a nod to the type of spirit and personality he had ! ! He will will be missed but not forgotten ! I'll play fetch with you again boy, when I get up there ! ! RIP little brother . . .

Til the next time, keep the faith, and keep chasing your dreams ! ! Peace and Love

D-Natural, AVP

Friday, January 6, 2012

D-Natural @ The Legendary Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, NY (Sept/2011) [HD]

What's up , what's up ?? ! !

Rockin the legendary stage at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe was unreal ! ! I had first learned about the place through watchin the movie "Pinero" that starred Benjamin Bratt ! I was so taken with Pinero's story and the history of the cafe that I wanted to know everything about them ! ! Last year my chance came to actually rock the stage ! You can read more about my time at the cafe and NY in my September/2011 post ! Until the next time . .

D-Natural, AVP

Thursday, January 5, 2012

D-Natural on drums . . .

What's up everyone !

I recorded this video of myself performing my duties as a drummer ! This is from the Christmas Day service we had at my church . Look 4ward to sharing more videos just like this one here ! I really had fun getting down on this joint here ! Featured on keys is the legendary Norman Weeks ! Enjoy and stay tuned for more new music and poetry ! It's on for 2012 babe !

Until the next time, peace and love !

D-Natural, AVP

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year from D-Natural & Artistic Visionz ! ! !

Happy New Year ! ! !

Been BUSY in the lab writting new songs, creating new music, writting new poetry and handling the usual music biz details ! I'm back this time around with my newest poem I wrote a few weeks ago . I thought it would be cool to start off this year with the second version of a poem I wrote a few years ago. It's a poem describing my current state of mind . I wrote this very fast and furiously in the middle of the day, like the mad man I am . I ended up writing it in 3 small acts, which I've never done. But that's how it came out of me that day. Kinda shocked myself when it came out that way. But my mind is very complex, so I guess it was needed to describe how I was feeling at that moment . Well until my next post , Enjoy ! !

Mid Day Question ( My State of Mind Part 2)

By: D-Natural


Feel me in my friend
What type of mood should I be in ?
It should be a good mood right ?
That is, should it be ?
While in my mind, clowns laugh uncontrollably
How can it be ?
On such a beautiful day
I'm alive, someone must have prayed
Cuz last night I misbehaved
And this morning continues the rave
wayyyy down, deep in my batcave
where my thoughts make me my own slave !
Oh Behave
Austin Powers
Outside I look fine, but inside my soul's tattered
I know I'm not ugly, but I still make the mirror shatter
Shards of glass scrape my conscious
Whats all the science behind this madness ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Or Can it be ?
My mind is blossoming beautifully
However, old habits die hard
Perhaps that's why I get cut by the glass shards
Fools walking around thinking they hard
Walk in my shoes, and if you can, you will be my rockstar
Time amazes me with it's illusion
It flirts with me, by showing me benefits of my wisdom
The very nature of my fighting stance
Allows me to defeat any foe that wants to dance
But yet I remain
Trapped in the middle of the day
Confused with my blues
Can't play a song, if the instruments out of tune
I am a baffled buffoon
But don't judge me dude
The Now has yielded me
New chances of mortality
Every breath gets thee
Closer to being wealthy
But is it riches I seek ?
Maybe I have them already
In my mind where clowns laugh uncontrollably


My soul is my horse to ride
I'll create a beautiful life in each stride
Though current reality confuses my paradise
My lush life awaits me when the time is right
But yet, time is after all a trick
My day doesn't have to be like this !
Wake up every morning to drown in my own abyss
I admit, I am intrigued by the extacy of the Devil's kiss
How guilty must I feel to embrace the slightest of it
But I was born a warrior for this battle
And I love dancing to the music of the serpent's rattle
Why do all the question continue to come, when I know the answers ? ? ? ? ?


I sometimes seek guidance
Speaking in tongues through my pen as I write it
Inside the are all the bad urges, no matter how hard I try to fight it
Can't give in to all the sensation
The reward must be in my resilience
Can you detect my pain in all this ?
Can you read the confusion I feel, as I write this ?
Do you think God will still allow me mercy, but without the pity ?
Why must I feel this way ?
To have so many question in the middle of the day