Thursday, July 12, 2012

D-Natural - Sigh of Relief EP ... Coming soon ! ! ! !

What's up everyone ! ? ! ?

I know it's been awhile since I last posted something here and for that I apologize !

But as usual your boy never stops moving !

Above is the album cover art for my debut album ! ! Photograph taken by me of course . .

Recent obstacles have slowed down the release of my debut album "The Sigh of Relief EP" but it's coming, I PROMISE ! !

I decided to add 2 more tracks to round out my 1st EP which is going to be short and sweet! However, in the midst of producing and writing the last few tracks 4 my EP, I just had to get n2 an accident with my damn van ! ! I didn't hit anybody, just wrecked my van, bruised up my ribs and some spots on my frame but thank God I'm alive & well ! ! ! I know I'm not indestructible but man am I tough ! ! !

As I move on to finally wrap things up with this project so that I can move onto all things I have in front of me, I just wanna thanks EVERYONE 4 your continued support of me, my music, and my writing ! ! !

You have no idea how much it is felt ! ! These recent events have made for some interesting subject matter to finish my album with. This album is very personal to me and is my immediate statement to everyone about who I am ! ! It's a short introduction 2 all of my solo albums that will follow from this point . The production I did for this album is different from the instrumentals I've shared with you guys over the past few years because it customized to how my emotions were flowing as I wrote my lyrics.

All I can say for that now is that I CAN'T WAIT for all of you to hear it and for myself to wrap it up to I can move onto all the opportunities I have scattered on my table such as: songs I'm producing for all my clients around our planet and beginning work on my next full-length album "Charity Case", which is sort of a continuation of my debut "Sigh of Relief EP". . .

Also new poems in the works 4 release on here and my other blogs as well . . Cuz as you guys know, I love and never stop working ! ! ! ! Especially with this accident that just happened, I have even more work to do now to rebound from this ! ! !

I'm writing this blog in the lab of my new school that I've transferred 2 down here in Southern Virginia ! I'm officially enrolled and ready to continue work on my bachelors in Business Administration . . I'm just a lil over halfway complete with that . . The semester begins 3rd week of August so I have lots to wrap up b4 I have to divide my career/time to accommodate my studies yet again . . But my grind don't stop babe ! !

Got more haterz 2 prove wrong & silence, half of which is coming from inside some of my own family who don't believe in me or my music. BUT YOU AND I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT HERE ! ! ! ! ^_^

They have NO IDEA of my accomplishments or what I've achieved so far but hey it's doesn't matter. I even talk about this subject on my upcoming album. At the end of each day the rest of WORLD continues to send me love & respect for what I do which mean more that anyone will ever know.

Their doubt & hate is part of the high octane fuel that powers my creative energy/hustle . Always channeling life n2 my art . .

Until the next time > > > Thanks soooo much for tuning in 1nce again & as always keep chasing your dreams and KEEP THE FAITH ! ! Peace

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz