Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Producer I Look Up To : Timbaland

I've always been a BIG Timbaland fan from waaay back in the day . He's one of my favorite producers and I've learned about music production just from listening to him . One thing that always stood out to me about Timbalands production was how it was mixed and how he used to sounds he used . He went against the grain, he broke the rules . He made music that didn't sound like any of the top ten hits and yet it still became part of the top ten hits . That's something that I aspire to do , even if it's on a indie/underground scale . Not only is he from the DMV like myself , he's also a very humble person . With the extraordinary talents he possesses, the things he's accomplished in the game, he's still a down to person and has stayed true to himself .

I wanted to share one of his radio interviews because he says a lot of real shit in it . As a producer AND as a man , alot of the things he said rang true to me . And really I think anybody who is an up and coming talent in the industry but also a human with faults can relate to this . Big homie broke it down like it should be broken down to people like US . . I present to you, another representative of the DMV, one of my heroes : Timbaland 

Peace & Enjoy y'all !

D-Natural, AVP


(this is dedicated to my family)

It is not up to me
to decipher why I’m so indifferently
opposed to how you think I should be
I’m just being me

You haven’t lived my reality
Walked in my shoes
to your feet bruised
with clues of my greatness
living underneath my uniqueness

With that said
your opinion is oblivious

Greet me with smiles
and gestures suggesting
a love or embrace clever
so I never
would think
that behind my back you talk about me like my soul stinks

My soul is the concoction
of life seasoned with experience
past and present
with a certain genius
that skips generations
for those who can carry out certain missions
with the right intentions

I was born with a soul like this

As I grew up in it

I experienced teasing
for the being articulate in meaning
and seeing things differently
yet clinging
to my inner beauty
as if it were
my life preserver

I’ve learned that what people do to you
is a reflection of themselves and not you
how you reflect yourself is
how you honor the you that is true
And yes everyone is entitled to their opinion
but it shall not have dominion
over my existence

Because I exist
to fulfill my soul within
Their perception
is a mixture of half-true facts & curiosity
forming fiction
in their beliefs
But their beliefs
won’t define me
when there weren’t there in lonely
of myself learning my purpose

I’ve learned to let go &
fall deeper in love with myself
while God takes care of the rest
for He knows my heart & that it’s the best
which in me dwells I’ll manifest
wealth when I’ve passed this test
along with not giving into others opinions outside of it

By: D-Natural 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Producer's Prayer

I took the 23rd Psalm & remixed it to match a music producer’s perspective .. 
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall make beats
He giveth me creative ability
He leadeth me to inspiration
He restoreth my talents
He leadeth me in the paths of opportunity
For my brands sake
Yea, though I walk through
Dark valleys of the industry
I shall fear no evil
For my fans art with me
Writing music on the staff, He comforts me
Thou maketh the fruits of my expression
Known in the presence of my contemporaries
Thou anointest my head with ideas
My catalog runneth over
Surely success & prosperity
Shall follow me all the days of my career
And I will dwell in my studio producing
in honor of my Lord forever
By: D-Natural (@ArtisticVisionz)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Laments Of An Artist

What's good everyone ?

I was watching the movie "Amadeus" that I checked out at the public library recently . The movie portrays Mozart as an extraordinarily talented young man, which he was. However it also portrays him as a mad man...

I've been reflecting on myself as an artist lately. My work, whether it is my poetry or my music is an integral part of who I am . In fact, outside of that, it's really hard for me to even distinguish other facets of my being. I used to take to Twitter and share with the world my life as I lived it. I revealed insights into my personal life which yields my work. For my life is the catalyst for my how my talents are channeled and presented to the world. I didn't see other artists doing such a thing on their timelines, and wanted to be one of the very few that took a different approach in how I presented myself on mines along with my music/poetry. But now I see why other artist don't . .

I've learned that I can no longer do things that way. However, I have learned that through my music/poetry, I can still reveal such personal perspectives, but reveal them there and there only.

Watching the movie "Amadeus", I related alot to the character of Mozart as portrayed in the film. Whether Mozart was like that in real life, I do not know . I do know that us musicians/poets/artists, do have our quirks about us that can raise the eye brows of our fellow man every now & then  (as I'm sure I did when I used to tweet like I did) .

I was inspired by the image of a mad artist and paused the movie to write this poem . .

"Laments Of An Artist"

By: D-Natural

So bold
a sober soul
who creates with the intent
of repentance
through scores of his genius

glorify his mind
for it has been purposely crucified several times
in sync with his life

making his pen
cry at his hearts whim
possibly confusing ones who don't listen to their hearts within

But reaching ones who understand his intelligence
removed from loved ones who pity his indecent
understanding to their reality
through his creations questioning the irony

and it's easy
for those unknown to living with such ability
to interpret God's beauty

They judge him for not living normally
But how normal can he be
when he has the responsibility 

of handling God's gifts
like taming several wild spirits dueling in his abyss
to be freed
to enlighten the world's mysteries

How he must deal with the task
of constantly consuming contents from heaven's flask
to express the intoxication
through his imagination

They can't fathom
what's not revealed to them

talents only bestowed
to those who know
instinctively to go
to places hidden
to the average human

you might call him a mutant

certain visions
divinely chosen 

for his psyche 
so that only he can conjure up art that suits man perfectly

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reflecting Like The Sunlight Off The Water

What's up everyone ?!

D-Natural here back with another installment in the chronicles of my life & work !

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go out with my favorite uncle on his awesome boat ! ! My uncle is the person I learned to play the bass from growing up ! Talk about a dope musician ..

Maybe it's the Aquarius in me but I feel so at home around water ! I was able to get some cool photographs during the time I spent aboard his boat . I'm an ex Navy sailor but never got a chance to go out to sea . I would have like to though because of the sights you can see while cruising the seas .

We had a good time !! It was awesome cruising the seas and enjoying some fine pale ale, living like pirates !!    
I was even fortunate enough to get some pics of the wildlife like this Blue Heron !! 

We first spotted him chilling on the shore across from us (12 o'clock in the photograph) where we were docked . Then all the sudden he started flying directly toward us from right at that spot ! With my camera in hand and at the ready I was able to snap a few of him while he was in flight !! Yes !

The uncle's boat was a classic old school boat called a Tayana . The boat was about 40 years old and had sailed all over this planet ! I could feel the vibes of a well traveled vessel and I know it had to have been through some great adventures on the water !! I loved how the boat gently rocked back in forth when I was chillin down in the cabin . I put me in a beautiful trance while I meditated on the mysteries of life .

I loved the vibe I felt as the red lights illuminated the cabin . The above photo is the view from the cabin toward the front of the boat .

This is the view going towards the aft or back of the cabin . I slept in the nook way in the back and got some of the best sleep I've gotten in awhile !

 The dock looked really cool at night so I snapped a few photos just walking around . .

While I aboard this wonderful vessel, I reflected on how far I've come with myself in life . I thought about my   music, poetry and just my work in general . I thought about my future and all the things I wanted to accomplish as well as the things I've already managed to accomplished . I came up with some cool ideas for things I wanted to do, many of which I will be sharing with you guys here !!

I just want to thank everyone for tuning in and supporting me !!  The last time I check my stats on me blog here, I learned that I've just gone over 10,000 views last week !!! That really makes me happy !! It showed a large number of views from returning viewers to my blog and that made me really happy too !! You guys are really keeping up with me ! I assure you that I'm gonna continue to do my best in having dope music, poetry, videos and much more as I continue to sail this mighty adventure I'm on called life !

It's been awhile since I've giving yall some of my poetry here, so the next few blogs will be just that , as well as some of my latest music including tracks from my newly released debut Sigh of Relief EP ! The album will be also available on iTunes, Amazon and many other sites soon along with more new releases that I'm currently working on ! Can't wait to show you guys more of what's in store !!

As always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams !

One Love

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My 1st Album Is Finally Here Y'all ! ! !

D-Natural "Sigh of  Relief  EP"

The Sigh of Relief EP is the 1st of many solo efforts to come from Producer/Poet/Artist D-Natural of Artistic Visionz Productions. The album contains no samples with all instruments played by D-Natural including the 5 String Bass and an array of keys. The album is titled The of Sigh of Relief in homage to the long journey D-Natural has taken while grinding to get his music out to the world. The songs echo this theme as D-Natural touches on variety of topics dealing with life including love, acceptance, and his dreams of making a beautiful career out of his passions. Enjoy! This is just the beginning.....

Hear & Purchase The Album Here

All songs Written,Performed,Produced,Mixed,Recorded and Mastered

By: D-Natural for Artistic Visionz Productions
D-Natural on Twitter:  @ArtisticVisionz