Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Grooves . . .

D-Natural (@ArtisticVisionz)

Here are a few of my new instrumentals out the stash. I've been trying different things lately and expanding my sound. 

These joints here find me in a classic hip-hop mood :

My next EP Ceteris Paribus is coming along well. Taking just a little more time with so that I may included a homie of mines on the project for one of the songs. I've never been on a record with another artist at the same time, so I'm gonna give you guys a taste of what I sound like alongside someone else on this record.

I appreciate everyone's support of my movement and my growth as an artist. The next couple of blogs here will showcase some of the new random instrumentals I've been working on lately outside of my solo project. Then we are gonna get into some of my latest poetry as well.

Stay Tuned & as always keep the faith and chasing your dreams!!


Artistic Visionz Productions