Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Props from a Legend ! !

I appreciate every single person's support of my work which includes my music, poetry, blogs, photos etc . .

However when I get a thumbs up from music legends such as Narada Michael Walden , who I first became familiar with from being a fan of the legendary jazz-fusion band the Mahavishnu Orchestra ! Mr. Walden has worked with and written songs for the likes of Lionel Ritchie, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston just to name a few. He has a discography that spans decades with countless of classics that I can't all mention in this one post ! Just Google him .

Mr. Walden did me the honor of liking one of my posts on Numubu, a wonderful social networking site for musicians ! The post was a link to another site where I have my first couple of EPs Ceteris Paribus and Sigh of Relief available for download and streaming . So he definitely heard MY work ! He also accepted my friend request which meant a lot !!

As a independent artist/musician that wears so many different hats , during the grind sometimes we can feel that some of our work goes unnoticed. But then we get moments like this , it's just inspiring and motivating that our work is noticed and appreciated !!

All music nerds know about what a legend this guy is ! His drum playing alone on classic records has taught me so much being a drummer myself .

It was exciting as a fan of music period, to see and experience this ! Just had to share .

Until the next time keep chasing your dreams and keep the faith .

Artistic Visionz Productions