Monday, June 30, 2014


This is something I just had the inspiration to write & just finished. It's dedicated to my family & all the ratchet broads that rejected me, that I shouldn't of been attracted to in the first place.

Peace & Prosperity. Enjoy! I love to give but I need you all just as much. Poetry ebooks coming soon!



By: D-Natural

My love is so good
it scares you
from letting me
into the part of you that's evil

I am so beautiful
that I'm flattered
when you call me ugly

You delight my presence
with your nonsense
and it's nice to know
when you gossip
you're denying your envy of my Divine

Make me a spectacle
of your intelligence
my intellect
beseeches you
as irrelevant

Now is the past
and tomorrow I'll be born
so my heaven is today

Immaculate energy
flirts with me through
so I have an infatuation
with my arrogance

Women run opposite
of my advances
and into demons
that babysit their ignorance
of my innocence

Music is meditation
and silence are vacations
romance is an illusion
because I'll never meet
the part of you that's sacred

I adore the sound
of my pencil on paper
for it's the sound
of my sanity

Babies born screaming
to alert us
that we aren't perfect
then smile to let us know
we are still worth it

Time is an excuse
for limitations
inner excavations
reveal true reasons for constellations

Remember when you told me
I couldn't do it
you were right
I exceeded it

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Abstract Notation

What's up world ?!?

It's been awhile since I've posted an original poem of mines here. I'm currently working on releasing a series of ebooks which will include new & unreleased poetry. If you can, please support me when I do because if you didn't know by now, I'm a starving artist and could use the funds. Anyhow without delay, here is something I just finished writing. Enjoy. Peace & prosperity.

"Abstract Notation"

By: D-Natural

Give me my forty acres on Mars
rubbing stars on wounds to heal scars
I'm roaming the unknown

Cascading melodies
score my dreams
remembering when bliss felt right at home

I'm longing to belong
but fear masquerades my rights as wrongs
God mercifully leaves voicemails on my unanswered phone

My honesty misunderstood
shyness shields the chance that you could
my defense to be left alone

I'm mastering feeling the energy
when alternate beings enter my vicinity
mirroring the part of me not shown

Amongst the masses
I hold mass
expressing the part of me not far gone

Prepare my chariot would ya?
I'm homesick for my utopia
motivation for the writing the next song

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Evolving . . . . (Part 2)

Somehow I've managed to navigate the madness of society & a system that we are born into and remain true to myself. I think it has a lot to do with spending the first 15 years of my life, which is only half of my life up until to this point, neglected (other than when I would visit one set of grandparents on the weekends). This is because I was the only son of a single parent who worked all the time and the other half of the time spent it with who would later become my stepfather, who lived on the other side of town. From 3rd grade on ( about 7 years old) I was in charge of getting myself up for school (with my mother acting as an alarm clock phoning from work), feeding myself (sometimes consisting of ordering carryout everyday with money left with me at the beginning of the week), washing my own clothes etc... After school I was immediately to return back to the house where I would remain isolated until the next day. Sometimes I would remain outside and play with my friends, but rarely seeing how I didn't want to disappoint my mother, though she wouldn't had a clue if I did or not. I was just naturally a well disciplined child and advanced for my age. I guess my mother could see this in me, which is why she didn't mind leaving me by myself, but who knows? In this house, all I had was musical instruments (hence the self taught multi-instrumentalist/writer I've become today), music tapes, a variety of pets including a serious bird collection (which I was in charge of caring for) and books/paper. We never had cable so the only TV I would watch most of the time would be the public access channels, though I wasn't allowed to watch TV but once again, it was impossible for her to tell if I did or not. This is where my love for documentaries and knowledge came from I believe. Little did I know back then, that this was not at all an ordinary childhood, which would reveal it's affects positively & negatively in my adult life indefinitely.

I finally got the privilege to move in with my mother who had been primarily living in my future stepfather's house for the past 8 years, when I got to high school. I always could tell he never really wanted me in the picture to begin with but I still belonged to his woman regardless. I think by this point I had become desensitized without really knowing it to the concept of what a family actually is, my connection to other people and my connection to my mother or anyone in my family for that matter. The only true sense of family I had would be the times I spent with my paternal grandparents on those certain weekends (I considered my paternal grandfather a true example of a real man/father) which of course matured me a lot faster being that I was around older people when in their company. I guess you can say I had to grow up really fast, coming out if this environment. Somehow though, from a very young age, I had a very keen awareness that this was preparing me for what I would be doing in my adult life. All the hours/days alone with nothing but instruments, books, and my imagination, cut off from the outside world (accept when in school) would be necessary for my destiny as an independent artist. I can definitely see that now and had it not been for myself growing up that way, I would not be quite as built and equipped to carry out what I am working towards today.

Without going into anymore details of my childhood or past (I'll save that for my biography one day), I've shared that much with you in order to show how I've evolved from that into the eccentric man/musician/artist I am today. As a child and adult, I've been looked at so differently, from both my family and my peers, who I am sure haven't quite experienced life the same as I have or even was aware of the matter. I am an outcast and looked down upon from most of my family who really doesn't know me because I've spent so much of my life isolated from them and still do, only by choice now in my adulthood. I've watched them along with society formulate opinions of me based on what they think they know about me or tell each other. All this has done is strengthened my self awareness and knowledge of how most people operate. It's to the point now where I've developed a sixth sense for other's thoughts/actions/motives concerning myself and I can read people extremely well, thus making me very selective of who I deal with regardless if they are family or not. This has helped me with being able to write poems and songs where I explain what most people are thinking but just don't have the ability to articulate it as well. This is because from the very beginning all I had was myself, my feelings, and the tools around me to express what was happening inside me. It's like I've gotten to know myself so well, I can recognize certain patterns of behavior/characteristics in others which has protected me from getting involved in some bad situations. Perhaps it's an Aquarian thing as well.

The few male friends I have wonder how I can devote ALL my time to my work without chasing as many women as I can prey on along with them. This is not because I don't like dating or hanging out, on occasions I do. I absolutely LOVE women. I am just extremely selective, possibly because of the experiences I've seen with my own parents and various others growing up. I just somehow knew that I wouldn't be of any real value to women, until I understand and love myself first. I would just be wasting their time and they would be definitely wasting mines. I've seen TOO MANY examples of people getting caught up in relationships that they weren't ready for to begin with, because they did not work on themselves enough first. Families like mines put pressure on the younger generations to get married, have kids, keep up with the status quo, get a well paying career (whether if it's what you want to do or not) because it's what they were conditioned to do and I've just instinctively known that wasn't right. My family wonders how I'd rather miss family gatherings so I can stay in my humble little crib and work in my studio. My friends wonder why I'm not into parties or clubs (unless I'm performing) and prefer to be alone, working on my passions. They all wonder how anyone can be so content with being by themselves and not doing what everyone else is doing especially in college!! If you would allow me to personify music for this instance, I would say that music/writing/arts was the only person who kept me company when I was neglected as a child, when I couldn't play with friends, or be around family. Music was just one of the gifts given to me as a reminder of the creative geniuses we are ALL born to be. To this day it is extremely easy to cut any of these people in my life off and focus solely on my work. This is something I am not sorry for. Some may call this being anti-social, I call it focused on what really matters, knowledge of self (God) and using it to benefit my fellow man, regardless of what else or who else I could be doing because it is all I'm striving for.

As I've grown older I've gotten tainted from being in this system/society along with the rest of you, but I can clearly see that being so isolated as a kid in the beginning was actually a gift. It allowed me to develop the perfect genius that we are ALL born with at a very young age, thus defining my life's purpose that I am carrying out today. Now I am not saying that you should neglect your children so that they remain their pure perfect selves, for I do not suggest that. I am only explaining MY experience and how it has made into the man/artist I am right now though most misunderstand me, especially my family. It is not their fault for they do not know my true history or even theirs and I can't blame them for their ignorance. People fear what they do not or don't want to understand.

It is for this reason that I am so appreciative for the ones like you who have supported me and stuck around on this journey I'm on. I'll continue to share more insights as I have done from the very beginning of my chronicles here. Perhaps you might all understand me as well as my evolution just a wee bit better now.


D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Evolving . . . . (Part I)

What's up world ?!?

Once again, D-Natural here with another installment of my chronicles. As you know, my blog here not only focuses on my music and my poetry but my life in general. Even with my Twitter and my other online domiciles, I always try to inject as much of who I am as a person as I can, for that is exactly where my art comes from, my life. Usually when I visit most artist's social media accounts or sites, I would be bombarded with links to their music, videos, tour dates, and so forth. While this is cool, it always left me wanting to learn more about the artist themselves and their world behind the scenes. I didn't have or want to know everything about the artist but just enough to know that they are actually human and may be actually going through some of the things I was. I've learned that people are actually interested in the personal lives of the artists they dig, especially in real-time if possible. That's what makes reality shows and talk shows so successful, because people do really want to know about what public figures go through in their personal lives. Of course you can learn a lot about who an artist is by actually listening to or watching their work, but even in those cases one might still desire to know more.

It is for this very reason that for this particular post, I've decided to just speak on my evolution as a man as well as an artist during the first half of this year. All of this will be reflected in my upcoming work as well but being that I'm not quite ready to release that material just yet, I would just like to share some of my other thoughts with you as well. For those who been following me for awhile, you know I have no problem with keeping everything transparent and giving you all of me, hence the title of my blog here: Poetry, Beats, Rhymes, AND Life (partly inspired by the Tribe Called Quest album of the same name), which is exactly what my brand is about and what you will always experience from it.

As I type this, I'm listening to a classic album called Plantation Lullabies by DC's very own Me'Shell NdegeOcello while sipping on some chamomile tea. Lately I've taken a break from writing and composing my new material to do some soul searching while learning about what's really going on in the world. Being the avid researcher I am, I blocked out everything and everyone (which wasn't hard being that I tend to be an extremely private/isolated person anyway) to just educate myself on several topics. These topics included astro-theology, the government, and the music industry. As I reflect on what I've been through personally this year and the lessons I've learned, what I have uncovered is too vast to put in this one post, but let's just say my mind has been BLOWN AWAY and I will never look at things the same again. One thing I can say is that I am a lot more hip to this matrix we all live in and trust me we are in a matrix. We must all AWAKEN to what's going on around us and unite RIGHT NOW because if we don't we are truly headed in a bad direction very soon. I plan to aid this shift with the messages in my art, which is the best I feel I can offer of myself besides actually volunteering in certain capacities.

I tend to be so buried in my work without trying to be distracted with the results, that when I do take time to analyze these results (which is necessary for my business and brand) I am shocked at the progress I am actually making. To think, several years ago, when I came up with the name for my production company Artistic Visionz Productions (which actually comes from my last name Artis) I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had the talent and the experience musically/creatively to go the distance, if I gave it my ALL. It seems like it was yesterday when I was trying to figure out how I was going to map everything out for my brand online, which was around the time when social media was just beginning. It would prove to be perfect timing. I had made a decision to start out at a time when things were changing rapidly with digital technology and within the music industry, which is still having to make adjustments while things are becoming more to the artist's advantage.

Today it's crazy to see what I've managed to accomplish since that time period, although I still really haven't accomplished that much or nowhere near where I'm going with it all. What is even more amazing is that I've been an one man staff the whole entire time. I can truly say that everything that people have seen, heard, read from me has been solely created by my hands from my music, albums, websites etc.. I just got used to figuring it all out and executing it on my own (although it would be nice to have my own staff eventually). It's very hard to get folks in the music industry to give you advice or even respond to you, especially those individuals at the higher levels in the industry such as executives, which I have had the pleasure of encountering. However, it was only through my diligence and relentless passion that I've attracted these individuals as well as connected with my beautiful fans, which I rather call my family.

This chamomile tea and the smooth vibes of this beautiful record by Ms. NdegeOcello is finally making me feel a little sleepy, so I'll continue this in my next blog post sometime this week.

Until the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams!