Saturday, September 27, 2014


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What's up world ?!?!?

 Here is another original poem of mines that I will be including in one of my forthcoming poetry e-books. I hope you all enjoy it. As for the music, I'm still actively working on writing the rest of my next EP "The Collegiate Experience", inspired by my time @ Virginia State University. Shoutout to all my Trojans!

I would like to thank everyone for their support! I'm truly taking my time with these next projects of mine, including all the visuals that will be released associated with them. I intend to set a new standard in my quality of work that hope you all will be continued to enjoy and invest in.

Till the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams!



By: D-Natural

I've been petitioning Erzulie
to send the female energy to me
wishing to be
by its power

for a womb similar
from the one I manifested
yes a womb
to be my tomb
so I can rest
and be reborn
into the next
state of consciousness

a variety of ways courting
in the abyss
of my madness
where a kiss
can end
isolated sadness

Am I wrong
for seeking the song
she sings when she moans
while between thighs of eternity

for a sip from her springs
to provide nourishment
in this wilderness

I became excited
when Venus visited
and dropped spells of erotic genius
as I stood on Olympus
my godliness

reminded me
that it's only
that I've merely
forgotten the part of me
that didn't have to compete
with women's

For it's only a reflection
of myself assuming
that I had to suffer

I yearn
to make the pussy purr

goddesses crying
tears of joy
as I explored their void
and exploded haloed asteroids
streaming down
her celestial body
like warriors of Troy

Proud beast
ready to feast
on fowl
praying to prey
on they
that except thee
for me

The bed set
is a spaceship
for a fantastic voyage
but lately love is a relic
buried under past forfeits
of lovers missed
because I felt
I wasn't worth it

Now here I sit in silence
sensually sensitive
aroused from her scent
as she passes
seriously waiting
to seduce
her senses
into spasm
shocking her chakras
sending orgasms
from tantalizing tantra
I fathom

Oh Oshun
this drought must end


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gotta Love Great Reviews !

What's up world !?!?!

It's always great when I get positive reviews of myself and my work. It's one of the things that inspires me and motivates me to keep the grind going. I had first become acquainted with the author of this post Mr. C Brett Campbell, through our encounter on Google Plus. Mr. Campbell is the Vice President of Mid-Tenn Music ( ( and the owner of Small Barn Sound. Like myself, Mr. Campbell has a deep passion for unique music and artists so I was so humbled when he praised my work, taking the time to write this review on his site.

As usual your boy is hard at work wrapping up my next EP "The Collegiate Experience"! As you know good things take time to create and being the perfectionist I am, I am taking my time with these new projects I have in the works so that I may not disappoint you all.

Stay Tuned for the latest in my original music, poetry, and visuals !

Keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams !


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