Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidayz from Artistic Visionz!!

What's up World!?! It's ur man D-Natural back with more to tell ya!! Just wanna let everyone know 1st that I love all of you!! Thanx for supporting this blog with your views, comments, promoting and everything. It means more than you guys will ever know!!

Well, the holidays are in full swing!! I hope everyone is out there celebrating, having fun, in good company, and most importantly loved. Just know, if nothing your man D-Natural loves you & is thinking about you!! As this year is coming to an end with the holidays to wrap it all up, I'm still reflecting. I find myself thinking of all the adventures, events, twist & turns I was taking through this year. Now I won't get into all of that again with you. All u have to do is read the last few blogs before this one to find that out if u don't know what's happened and I encourage you too! Just know that in December, on Xmas Day, as I type this on my Blackberry, I feel blessed and ready 4 2011!! I'm proud to say all of the hard work I've done which has placed me in a very unique position. I was fired from my full time job at my former employer a month ago. I really believe that was the break I needed to continue on with my Artistic Visionz movement. This reminds me of the turning point when I broke my leg 4 years ago in the Navy. I would have never imagined how much of a benefit that will later serve me. As long as you have a foundation in place and grind hard at building it, you can weather whatever storm you have to go thru. You will find that the hands you are dealt are designed to take you to the next step!! You have to be able to see it though. One of the things that will blind you from seeing it is fear. You have to trust your instincts!! You have to use ALL your resources, even the ones you think you didn't need!! Never think are to good for things. Be humble enough not to limit yourself. Have faith that the answer will come when you take life by the balls and work hard!!

These are the principles that I live by everyday. These are the principals that got me off the streets when I was starving & homeless just 4 years ago. The beginning of 2011 will find your man going to business school, working on the album I've been promising you guys called "The Sigh of Relief" EP. Its coming, believe me!!! I'm just getting inspired with new selections I want to include, all so that you get a complete product. So with my EP, business school, music videos, poetry & short story e-books, live shows, charity albums its what I've been in the bat cave putting together. I'm so excited at what I'm gonna have to bring to the table. Also stay tuned to my other blog I have on Tumblr @ Its some more insights on my journey, videos, new music and more popping of there as well. I've also got different blogs in other places Ill be doing in 2011. Keep in mind that I do this ALL myself. So I might disappear from time 2 time. Just knowan wherever I'm at, I'm somewhere chippin away, sculpting Artistic Visionz.

Alright, just wanted to touch bases with you guys and to wish you a Happy Holidayz 1nce again!! Stay tuned 4 some surprises and exciting things that I'm thrilled about! Until the next time, keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams! Ill holla!! One Love

D-Natural, AVP