Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress 2wards $uccess . . . .

Whats's good world ! It's your man D-Natural back with another installment of this here blog of mines ! ! Much love 2 all my fans, readers, followers and everyone showing mad respect 2 Artistic Visionz Productionz ! As always, I've been hard at work trying to finish my projects so I can get to the next phase of things as well as future projects . The pic above was taken yesterday a couple of hours before filling me duties behind the drums 4 choir rehearsal . For choir rehearsals, we meet at our property in Upper Marlboro, MD. On the land is beautiful house where we meet. I got there a few hours early because my band mate Norman Weeks (GOOGLE HIM) had a piano lesson to give there . Being that I'm the type of person that believes in making the best of their time, I brought my equipment and immediately set up in one of the rooms and got 2 work recording ! Lord forgive me, but it was kinda crazy yet funny recording hip-hop upstairs in the house owned by my church . After all, it is holy land and I'm up there posted up spitting explicit rhymes smh . . But hey, I gotta get it in some how . . I wanna finish things so that I can share my latest projects with all of you. I've already planned what things I wanna release this year . As an artist who is self-managed, self-produced, self-engineered, self-employed, in school, etc. . , its alot of fun wearing all these types of hats but it's alot of grinding ! ! It's all good though, its part of the life I chose and I appreciate it !

I've decided to revamp my album Poetic $oul which will be the first album I will be releasing this year. While getting the songs together that I wanted to use for it somehow life kept having me rewrite songs and look at certain beats I did for the project a different way . Now I've taken a different approach to creating it . This is all good of course, I'm glad these things happen in my artistic world so that I can deliver the freshest, most accurate depiction of me through my art to everyone ! ! I'm a firm believer in sloooow cooking the music and not rushing things . That's one of the great things about being an indie artist is that you can record, release and create what you desire . There's alot of machines out there that control artist, limit their creative freedom . This can really hurt an artist in the long wrong . But it's how alot of the industry is . I love being able to just live life, marinate in its mystery, simmer in reality and out of that my art is born . As you can see, I'm working to get Poetic $oul and my other albums (which Im all working all simultaneously) done ! Thanks 1nce again to everyone for their patience and encouragement, I will not disappoint . Word

This picture was taken right around the corner from my house . It kinda put in perspective that no matter what neighborhood you come from, you can always look up and see that the sky is the limit and Artistic Visionz will be flying high . . Look out very soon 4 singles from my Poetic Soul album as well as little surprises sprinkled here and there . . I'll keep continue to keep yall posted with the newness on everythang . .

D-Natural signing out and as always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams . . . . peace