Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New poem just written!

What's good world! It's feels good knowing I'm blessed enough to type these words and reach on to you 1nce again. Things have been crazy lately but I'm still pressing forward. It's these crazy times that have inspired my new poem I have just written. Enjoy!
My State of Mind 9/28/2010 10:25pm

I'm asking the Creator
for guidance
my souls screams
anxious dreams
by any means
my state of mind
in rhyme
art living inside me
manifesting new realities
each thought
has fought
its own war
on the shore
of my conscious
is the opposite my logic
but so frail
my shell
at times
to amazing
intelligence relevant
to my brilliance
mixed with negligence
to positive energy
during moments of insecurity
proclaiming exclaiming
my tainted innocence
only guilty
of madness
while harboring
I am
my master
and hereafter
Ill continue
to uncharted
where exist
my genius
my fears
dry tears
while emotions
and fading
lights of lies
hiding the
real truth
to use
known to me
making a
mark on society
is in my grasp
like a glimpse
of magnificence
though turbulent
the trek
to greatness
defined by uneven lines
by design
of a mind
forming patterns
of perfection
perfecting pallets
of imagination
of stories
of future
of success
I will
the  need far exceeds
any starving souls
mining diamonds
a portrait of me
shining first
like the rays
of sunsets
while sighing
regrets of
past forfeits
realizing my redemption
is my creative evolution
creating solutions
in solitude
embracing life
practicing new ways
of sacrifice
for a prize
so sweet
like angel kisses
my bliss
is my fist
in the atmosphere
making each moment
a  monument
making time irrelevant
as prevalent
my prominence
I will

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hail to the Redskins!! Hail Victory!!

Hail to the Redskins!! Hail Victory!!

Yo! What’s good world?! It’s your man D-Natural back with words, sounds, and more! Before I get into it, I just wanna give a shoutout to my Washington Redskins, who defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener! For those that don’t know, I’ve been a Redskins fan pretty much my whole life. I’ve always rooted for our home team. I’ve even been a fan during the not so great seasons; all the way back to when making the Super Bowl for us wasn’t a problem, the Joe Gibbs era. I was at the very first game they played when they moved to FedEx Field from the old RFK stadium. The Cowboys have always been are top rivals, so this win felt good. Hopefully they can keep building momentum from this win and carry on into the playoffs. That would be great! Time shall tell, but in the meantime, congrats to the Washington Redskins and my fellow fans for a victory! I rarely get to watch TV these days being that I’m always grinding or doing music. I’ll still keep an eye for my boys just to see how they are doing…

These days are soooo tiring on your man. It’s seems like when I try to say to myself, “Hey, just stop for a second and take a break! Step back from business and chill!” I find a way to psyche myself out and say “No, keep grinding!” It’s funny because it’s so hard for me to sometimes separate business from pleasure being that the very things I do for business happen to be things I LOVE! Things like making music, writing, collaborating, setting up websites, marketing, promoting, working in the studio, performing, closing business deals, etc… That’s why I think more and more people should begin to do what they love for a living and make their passion their profit. When you do that, you’ll find that you won’t look at business as work because you enjoy and love it so much. It’s partly for this reason, I can’t wait until I can focus on nothing but the music business fulltime. I’d never have to work for someone else and punch a time clock on a set work schedule. I’m working the 9-5 job now, but my creativity and spirit are so free, I feel it’s only a matter of time before I break the confines of this office or corporate America. However, we are indeed products of a capitalistic society. You got to have a constant flow of loot to stay alive these days. We have to deal with the economy, inflation, the cost of living etc… It can get chaotic and believe me if you can’t stay afloat of the madness, the rat race, you are going to drown.

In my particular case, the very art that is coming out of me (whether it be my music or poetry, is my response to these crazy times of struggling, hustling, just trying to be successful. It’s nice to know that it is also this very art that is helping to sustain me as a productive citizen in society, as well as just being a human being in general. If I didn’t have a way to release the flood of creativity in me at times, I really think I would go insane! You see this creative ability can be a gift and a curse. All the true musicians, artist, writers know what I’m talking about. Your creative mind can drive you crazy!! I know mines does!! It’s like my mind is a 24/7 iPod constantly streaming music non-stop, whether it’s my own or someone else’s! I ALWAYS have music, verses, lyrics going in my head. I’ve gotten used to it over the years but it can be very annoying. Sometimes it can be very peaceful. It all depends. Certain moods bring certain musical feelings, words, lyrics. It’s as though I’m a slave to the art and it will always be a dominating force in how I live life. My music and poetry is a direct reflection of my reality. My interpretation of my soul’s language is the best way I think I can explain it. For those of you that have been raised in the Christian Baptist style type of church, have witnessed people speaking in tongues. For those that are not familiar, this is when a person who is filled with the presence of God, starts to speak in a language unknown to know one but them. It is said that this is the language of their soul being spoken, a spiritual language. I really do think I do this, being that I see creating as a spiritual thing as well. Except my souls language comes in the form of my beats, my music, improvising while performing live on stage, my poetry, just my different modes of self expression. I feel I’m communicating what my soul is speaking that I can’t always put into words, so I put it into sound form in hopes that it will be felt by another person’s soul, creating some type of higher level communication…

Until the next time, stay tuned for more words, sounds, and other special treats I will be sharing!! As always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams!

D-Natural, Artistic Visions Productions

Thursday, September 2, 2010

$low and $teady Wins the Race…..

What’s good world! It’s your man D-Natural back with another installment of this blog of mines. Before I get into it, I just want to thank everyone who has viewed, commented on, and promoted my blog here!! I’m seeing the stats and it’s really pleasing to me!! All of you have no idea how much your support, love, encouraging words, and props on my movement are felt! I’ve been getting positive feedback from literally all over the globe on my work and I must say it feels awesome! As you know, I’m gonna continue to do my very best at delivering fresh music, words and insights here. If there is anything else you would like to see or hear, feel free to holla at your man! Moving on……

As you can see, the title of today’s blog is $low and $teady Wins the Race. That old adage couldn’t be any more right to me!! Your man has been steadily plugging away at getting my company Artistic Visionz Productions off the ground! The small baby steps that you take everyday towards your goal, the more you’ll eventually produce even greater results! Since the last blog, I’ve made some more progress, and I’ll be happy to share some of that with you as always! As you can see on my blog here, I’ve posted several new beats via! One of those new joints “Ms. Carla” has found a new home!! I’m proud to say that that beat right there, will be my very first beat placed with an overseas artist in Great Britain! Shoutout to my homie Blak Ram, a very talented lyricist with whom I connected with online. Don’t worry; you are going to hear more collabs from me and this cat!!! $tay Tuned…..

This week your man had to do it! I took 2 days off of work (day job) Tuesday and Wednesday of this week!! I had been contemplating doing that for awhile. You see my 9 to 5 job keeps me there every week Monday through Friday, with no days off, unless it’s a government holiday. Now you know for a young entrepreneur like myself, I grind and get it in wherever but sometimes you need to back away from EVERYTHING to just focus on ONE thing. That’s exactly what I did. I plan on doing it more too, just gotta watch my personal leave hours, ugh!! I knew I had to take time and put more focus into Artistic Visionz Productions because that’s my heart, my passion and most importantly my BRAND. You gotta always invest time and $ into building your brand. The more you do that, the more people will begin to respect your brand and know that you mean business. I managed in those 2 days to get some much needed rest, create some new music, and network with fans and future clients. I also spoke with a very talented video director, Chill Will 410 aka Will Money, CEO of Pyrex TV (YouTube & Google this cat ASAP). He will be directing my music video for my second single “Guestlist” (I know, I know, I’ll be releasing it soon!) I felt the energy and hunger of this cat through the phone lines, very much like mines! I’m happy to have him on board to shoot the video. I’m still planning the whole thing but I’ll keep ya posted. Of course, you know I’m going to premier the video right here!! I almost fainted when I reached out to one of our legendary DJ’s and hugely respected music veterans here in the DMV, DJ Celo, to make a cameo in the video and he accepted! That’s was major for me and my movement. This cat is a legend, you hear me, a LEGEND!! I grew up listening to this man’s DJ shows and mixes on the radio, hearing his name all over the city and now he’s gonna be in my music video!! I’m still amazed at that, but he’s been feeling my music and definitely has shown me nothing but love and support from day 1!!

All these things and so much more are going on right now. I’m just grinding hard to keep up with it and making things happen! 1nce again Slow and Steady Wins the Race, gotta keep chipping away! I’ll save my other updates and goodies until after this Labor Day weekend!! (I know it’s not right, but trust me it’ll be worth the wait!) Happy Labor Day!! Especially to all those people who put in that work, that real labor!!

Until the next time, as always, keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams!

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions