Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem for K. C.

What's up world! It's your man D-Natural back again! It's been awhile since I've posted a poem. I've decided for the next couple of blogs to post some of unreleased poems straight out of the vault. This one I bring to you today was written for a co-worker at my old job. She was in a very bad relationship with her child's father. I would hear stories and even saw for myself, how he was abuse her, mistreat her, and just put her through alot of stress. Upon seeing her down one day, while I was at my desk in the office, I wrote this poem for her to brighten her spirits. And really, I dedicated this poem to all the woman out there in abusive relationships or just don't feel empowered. The relationship may be with your man, your family, your friend, whatever. The relationship maybe emotionally abusive, physically abusive, or both. This like all my poems I share here was written outta love. Enjoy and be inspired.....

"Poem for K.C."

By: D-Natural

The voice of God within me
compels me to release
these words of my soul
in this piece
for your peace

my emotions run wild
like deer in the Everglades
with sympathy for your sorrows
moving my pen
to flow
in this manuscript
of empowerment

queen destined for greatness
let that which holds you back
be your sword and armor
to battle
weak tyrants
addicted  to preying
on your core

direct your energy
to the universe that equals you

want more of
what you already have inside
mother of creation
birthing nations
with your influence
creating tomorrows soldiers

set the foundation
to reign supreme
over that which is your birthright

claim that which is your dominion
useless tears do nothing
but dilute the purity
that is your concious

excuse me
for being moved
by your mood
hoping to be your muse
helping to bring back your happiness

hustle for glory
knowledge of self
and self respect
you matter

delight all humanity
with each beautiful smile

laugh  and be proud
of your    radiance

be the queen
that is

Saturday, January 15, 2011

D-Natural in full effect for 2011!!!

What's up world!!! It's your main man checking in to hit you with the latest insights in this crazy adventure I call my life. I've been hard at work between trying to make ends meet, going to school (coming up on my 3rd week), and in the lab creating new music & poetry!!! I've been ripping and running everywhere. My legs are killing me!! It's hard when you have to walk everywhere you go on torn ligaments!! I'm not able to get my surgery yet but trust me I'm working on that!! Nothin is gonna slow me down on this grind of mines!! For those of you that believe in prayer, please pray for your man. It's hard out here for a pimp....excuse I mean producer/poet!!! However I'm looking forward to an OUTSTANDING NEW YEAR!! Things have gotten off to a rough start but I'm getting control of this plane and soaring to the stars. I've planted ALOT of seeds so I'm just working on being the best farmer I can to make sure those seeds blossom into beautiful things!!

With all that said, I'm very proud to premier my very first instrumental I made this year called " $mooth ". Check it out and let me know what you think --------->> You can also hear it on my lovely Reverbnation widget on the right side of this page. I also have 3 new instrumentals I've made up there as well called " Midnight ", " Explosion ", and " Y'all ". Check em out and tell me what you think! There is PLENTY more of where that came from. I'm gonna continue to release brand new material as well older material from my vaults that no one has heard! I really wanna thank everyone who has been reading my blog here!! I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!! It's means alot!! I've been very very busy tryna pulls things together but I will be blogging more often! Just bare with me and I like I've told y'all B4  I will not disappoint! I will continue to deliver the new music as well as new poetry!!

Until the next time, I really hope you guys like what you hear! I'll be back very soon with some suprises!! Keep chasing your dreams and keep the faith! I'll do the $ame! Thanks for supporting me, D-Natural, and my brand, Artistic Visionz Productions! Cheers!!

D-Natural, AVP