Sunday, August 2, 2015

D-Natural: M.I.A.

What's up world ?!?!?

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile since my last post here....

However, the things I mentioned in my last post  "Update" are really still relevant to what's up with me at this time. I had reluctantly regressed from creating to really work on myself as a person and to explore certain aspects of life & spirituality more. I knew that doing this would make me a better enlightened person, thus an even better artist and writer.

I have also taken the time this summer, while I have a much needed break from my academic obligations, to expand my work outside the music industry into the film industry. This led to me attending the Production Assistant Seminar back in mid May and completing the program to become a certified Production Assistant in the Film Industry!

Film Industry Veteran Gary Fiorelli & Myself
(Seminar Photos Courtesy of Adrienne W., Virginia Film Office Intern)
I had a blast training at the seminar and networking with awesome like-minded individuals! I had a brief glimpse of what Production Assistants do when I stumbled upon the set during filming of the upcoming film Ithaca while traveling through downtown Petersburg last summer.

I've always wanted to work further in the film industry while honing my craft as a music producer and writer. As a Mass Communications major at Virginia State University, I've found myself falling more in love with using a camera and getting dope shots (still or motion), almost as much as I do making music or writing poetry. Especially these days, an artist must be familiar with the visual aspect of their art, which is necessary for generating content in this digital age which has totally changed the way we consume art.

The seminar was held at the beautiful J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College campus in Richmond, Virginia. At the seminar I along with others spent a whole weekend training and covering all that goes into producing a film such as call sheets, script writing, technical terms, scene breakdowns, editing, etc...

This will really aid my journey as I get more into directing and editing my own music visuals/videos, poetry visuals and other ideas that in the works.

I am really excited and currently looking for my first film productions (outside my own) to be apart of in the DMV area and abroad. For more information on what took place and future seminars check out:


In my next blog I will shed some more light on other endeavors over the summer outside of my music and writing.

But for now lets get back to the music!

Recently I have released a few new instrumentals out of the vault on the Artistic Visionz YouTube channel and will continuing to release more in the upcoming weeks ahead as I continue to work on solo projects for myself and artists seeking music production or collaborations. The latest of some of my work can be heard below:

Also as mentioned before, I haven't stopped writing and am still planning the release of my first ebook of poetry. In the meantime, as I've done in the past, I will release some poems out of the vault here in there along with some recital visuals.

I know I've been quiet, but trust me, I got y'all ! ! ! Everything WILL be worth the wait.

Until the next time, thanks so much for your continued support. It definitely is felt. You all are what drives me. Keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams.


Artistic Visionz Productions

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Update . . .

D-Natural (Android Version)
What's up world ?!?!?!?

It's your man D-Natural back with another installment in this here blog of mines. For those who have been supporting and following, I know what's on your minds: "D-Natural, what the hell have you been up to?? When we gonna get some new music and poetry?!?"

Let me explain:

First of all, I thank everyone for their patience and continued support!! It really does mean the world to me and definitely helps drive my creative ambitions.

My future solo projects and other artistic endeavors had been put on hold because of two things. For those who don't know, aside from my music & writing career, I've been continuing academic studies at Virginia State University. Also since summer, I've developed a ferocious appetite for higher consciousness as I'm growing spiritually. This has led to a massive amount of independent reading and studying outside the classroom as well.

As much as I live for creating my art, this expansion of consciousness along with academic obligations has taken me away from completing and releasing my next wave of music & writing. This included my aforementioned next EP "The Collegiate Experience" (inspired by my time at Virginia State), another EP (possible debut LP) which I won't discuss just yet and my first e-book of poetry along with various instrumentals to expand my catalog to service other artists.

From day 1 I've been self managed as well as written, produced, performed, recorded and mixed everything that everyone has ever heard from me musically. Also I've solely designed, produced and maintained all my online networks, websites, blogs, profiles etc.. All this while furthering my academic education. I've always worn all these hats pertaining to my career and am proud that somehow I've been able to do it by myself (although I wouldn't mind having a team to handle certain aspects of it). I just absolutely LOVE what I do and want to be as hands on with it all as possible. I also feel this has allowed me to keep that personal touch on my brand as well as keep a close relationship with my fans.

Fortunately, that's the beauty of being an independent artist so far. I set my own deadlines and am not locked into releasing material a certain way or by a certain time for an entity that I could be signed to as a musician or publisher as a writer. Not only does this not restrict my creativity but allows me to take my time to make sure I can present the highest quality art to you all that I can which I feel you all deserve. How far I've gotten has been solely because of myself and I'm proud of some results I've received and the progress I've made in this regard.

The fact remains that I've had a lot on my plate, and although it can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining, (as well as diminish my social life or lack thereof) I like it that way so I'm not going to make any excuses. I've grown so much personally, spiritually and consciously in the past six months, it's incredible! And you must know that it's spilled over into my work for that also grows as I grow. So overall it's been a necessary investment of my time and you all will reap the benefits as much as I will.

"The Collegiate Experience" EP has been about 70% complete. I've actually produced and written all the songs earlier this year and all I have to do is lay my vocals down and finish mixing everything along with some post production. I've always gotten bored quickly and easily with just creating one project at a time so I've also started another album which we'll get more into in the future. Some may argue that I should focus on one thing at a time until I complete it, which makes perfect sense. However, this also makes me stagnant creatively, and I must be creating several things in different directions to stay inspired as well as keep my sanity. As for the poetry, I've been compiling and editing works that I want to include in my first e-book. I'm narrowing down different entities that I want to collaborate with to get it published and distributed so that you can get it anyway you please upon it's release.

Without rambling any further, that is exactly where I am right now. I know I've been quiet but I haven't stopped working. Trust and believe it all will be worth the wait!! I again just want to thank everyone for their support, love, encouragement and patience. You all are the best!

Until the next go round. as usual keep chasing your dreams & keep the faith!

Artistic Visionz Productions


Saturday, September 27, 2014


Drawing By: Sugarsphinx  Source:

What's up world ?!?!?

 Here is another original poem of mines that I will be including in one of my forthcoming poetry e-books. I hope you all enjoy it. As for the music, I'm still actively working on writing the rest of my next EP "The Collegiate Experience", inspired by my time @ Virginia State University. Shoutout to all my Trojans!

I would like to thank everyone for their support! I'm truly taking my time with these next projects of mine, including all the visuals that will be released associated with them. I intend to set a new standard in my quality of work that hope you all will be continued to enjoy and invest in.

Till the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams!



By: D-Natural

I've been petitioning Erzulie
to send the female energy to me
wishing to be
by its power

for a womb similar
from the one I manifested
yes a womb
to be my tomb
so I can rest
and be reborn
into the next
state of consciousness

a variety of ways courting
in the abyss
of my madness
where a kiss
can end
isolated sadness

Am I wrong
for seeking the song
she sings when she moans
while between thighs of eternity

for a sip from her springs
to provide nourishment
in this wilderness

I became excited
when Venus visited
and dropped spells of erotic genius
as I stood on Olympus
my godliness

reminded me
that it's only
that I've merely
forgotten the part of me
that didn't have to compete
with women's

For it's only a reflection
of myself assuming
that I had to suffer

I yearn
to make the pussy purr

goddesses crying
tears of joy
as I explored their void
and exploded haloed asteroids
streaming down
her celestial body
like warriors of Troy

Proud beast
ready to feast
on fowl
praying to prey
on they
that except thee
for me

The bed set
is a spaceship
for a fantastic voyage
but lately love is a relic
buried under past forfeits
of lovers missed
because I felt
I wasn't worth it

Now here I sit in silence
sensually sensitive
aroused from her scent
as she passes
seriously waiting
to seduce
her senses
into spasm
shocking her chakras
sending orgasms
from tantalizing tantra
I fathom

Oh Oshun
this drought must end


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gotta Love Great Reviews !

What's up world !?!?!

It's always great when I get positive reviews of myself and my work. It's one of the things that inspires me and motivates me to keep the grind going. I had first become acquainted with the author of this post Mr. C Brett Campbell, through our encounter on Google Plus. Mr. Campbell is the Vice President of Mid-Tenn Music ( ( and the owner of Small Barn Sound. Like myself, Mr. Campbell has a deep passion for unique music and artists so I was so humbled when he praised my work, taking the time to write this review on his site.

As usual your boy is hard at work wrapping up my next EP "The Collegiate Experience"! As you know good things take time to create and being the perfectionist I am, I am taking my time with these new projects I have in the works so that I may not disappoint you all.

Stay Tuned for the latest in my original music, poetry, and visuals !

Keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams !


Artistic Visionz Productions

Friday, August 8, 2014


1 of my throwaways from the vault. I somehow manipulated a sample of Gregorian monks chanting to spell out DMV.. It’s kinda rough but whatever, it’s the only version . It was of the moments where I liked it when I was creating it but then I didn't like it afterwards so I just put it the vault. In this situation I would usually delete the original instrumental so I can't record over it again. Then a couple months or even years later when I stumble upon it again, I'm like this isn't that bad after all, maybe I should at least share it with the people. I do that with my music A LOT !! I'm so brutal on myself & my work it's not even funny. I think it's because I listen to it so much while creating/writing to the music that it gets redundant and annoys me after awhile. I forget that when other people hear it, it's going to be brand new to them and they might get a different, better experience. Sometimes I think I have to go out and live life so I'll get some fresh ears then come back to some of my old work. This is usually the best time for me  to listen to it again. I always hear it differently then and can immediately see what I was attempting to do at the time. This is why I at least keep some songs around because I just plain delete a lot of stuff I make (a bad habit I'm trying to break). This is because I feel it won't live up to my more popular & acclaimed work. But anyway, hope you enjoy! More original music, poetry and much more coming soon!!


D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions