Friday, October 26, 2012

Chick Corea - The Great Pumpkin Waltz

What's up everyone ?! Your man D-Natural coming at you once again !

Being that this is the month of October, the beginnings of Fall, I thought it would be only right to share this piece with you. 

It is my favorite version of "The Great Pumpkin Waltz", which was originally composed by Vince Guaraldi. Mr. Guaraldi composed the classic "Peanuts" songs that we will always love. I can listen to this rendition of his song all day, which is played by the great Chick Corea along with a great band of musicians!

I've had the opportunity to see some pumpkins which are blooming so beautifully this time of the year, down here in beautiful rural Virginia. This Fall season looks to be my busiest time of the year. My brand is expanding and there is lots happening. I really don't know how I manage to stay on top of it all but somehow I do. Halfway through this semester of school successfully, finishing my third EP for the year entitled "Ceteris Paribus", with another EP lined up for release right behind it, things are crazy!!! But for some reason I like it like this, it's what I was made for. This is what I chose or should I say it chose me.. 

Until the next time, enjoy & I'll be back with more updates along with more new original music & poetry! One Love

Artistic Visionz Productions

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elle Varner

When I see extremely talented, beautiful artists such as Ms. Varner, I get all warm inside. This is because music seems to be going back to what it used to be. Back to when everybody had their own sound, wrote & produced their own music. The person you knew that lived next to you on the block with MAD talent, is getting their shine on in today's music world. The labels are slowly starting to look deeper into the artists emerging with that one of a kind sound, instead of merely signing artist to compete with other artists specifically.

To me Ms. Varner is a perfect example of a very humble, very talented, yet confident artist. I try to be an example of such myself, but my hat goes off to my incredible contemporaries out here doing their thing! These are the ones that are paving the way just right in front of me.

When I first heard Ms. Varner on the radio I was blown away. I fell in love with her voice first. As a music producer, one of the things that perks our ears up is the tone of one's voice. Then we start to conjure up how it would sound over certain tracks in our imagination. I also liked how her music had that classic R&B feel yet with hip-hop undertones. I wasn't surprised to learn she wanted to do just that on her debut record "Perfectly Imperfect". (Hear it here)

I'm very happy for her. I could definitely relate to some of what she has been through in life and it's an inspiration when I see an artist such as herself transcend and become who they were meant to be.

It's a honor to have Ms. Varner as the subject of today's post! Rock on queen!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Poetry Slam October 3rd . .

What's good beautiful people? D-Natural here with another page out the chronicles of my life !

October has been very fun indeed, as I expected ! My album the Sigh of Relief EP has been out just about 2 months & has been thrilling me with great feedback ! Plus the icing on the cake so far as been that I somehow won a poetry slam among so many talented poets here in the Virginia area !! The above photo is of the MC for the event . It was an awesome evening and I still can't believe I won 1st prize !!!

Special Guest Poets & Slam Judges of Evening, Breeze "ILifeThis" & Roscoe B.
These gentleman pictured above killed it !!! They were some extremely talented poets from the Richmond, Virginia Area , Breeze & Roscoe B. ! Check them out on !! You won't be disappointed ! They also acted as part of the group judging the competition for the evening .

I was glad to be amongst such talent in the Virginia area ! I of course was representing for the Maryland area   , but still glad to be amongst gifted people in the DMV period !! We are some of the most talented individuals in the world, in my opinion !

The poetry slam took place at one of the campuses of the college that I am attending. It was fun indeed ! Over a dozen poets competed & there were 3 rounds of each poet delivering an original piece .

The slam was in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month .

The Lovely Audience 

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of myself when I got on the mic to perform . I will next time . But I did get video of myself reciting my poems & accepting my prize along with the other very talented winners of the evening !! I look forward to sharing that with you all very soon . !!

So as you can see October has been fun for me indeed ! I am currently working on my next EP entitled "Ceteris Paribus" , which I hope to have out within the next week or 2 !! Once again I change my production style up from playing the instruments & sampling myself to chopping up records ! So on this record you guys can expect to hear how I sound diggin in the creates & coming with my words in rhyme of course .

The usual passionate workaholic I am when it comes to my music, I'm also creating & releasing another EP which is a darker type of record from me yet with a very party type of feel . This EP is untitled as of now .

Along with more releases of my poetry & music, October looks to be a very fun productive month for me as usual !!

Stay Tuned for my next blogs which will feature selections from my upcoming EPs, original poetry, & much more !!

I just want to thank everyone for their support !! The love & results I have been getting are just simple amazing !!

Much love & peace & blessings to everyone ... Til the next time , keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams ..

D-natural, Artistic Visionz Productions