Friday, October 26, 2012

Chick Corea - The Great Pumpkin Waltz

What's up everyone ?! Your man D-Natural coming at you once again !

Being that this is the month of October, the beginnings of Fall, I thought it would be only right to share this piece with you. 

It is my favorite version of "The Great Pumpkin Waltz", which was originally composed by Vince Guaraldi. Mr. Guaraldi composed the classic "Peanuts" songs that we will always love. I can listen to this rendition of his song all day, which is played by the great Chick Corea along with a great band of musicians!

I've had the opportunity to see some pumpkins which are blooming so beautifully this time of the year, down here in beautiful rural Virginia. This Fall season looks to be my busiest time of the year. My brand is expanding and there is lots happening. I really don't know how I manage to stay on top of it all but somehow I do. Halfway through this semester of school successfully, finishing my third EP for the year entitled "Ceteris Paribus", with another EP lined up for release right behind it, things are crazy!!! But for some reason I like it like this, it's what I was made for. This is what I chose or should I say it chose me.. 

Until the next time, enjoy & I'll be back with more updates along with more new original music & poetry! One Love

Artistic Visionz Productions

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elle Varner

When I see extremely talented, beautiful artists such as Ms. Varner, I get all warm inside. This is because music seems to be going back to what it used to be. Back to when everybody had their own sound, wrote & produced their own music. The person you knew that lived next to you on the block with MAD talent, is getting their shine on in today's music world. The labels are slowly starting to look deeper into the artists emerging with that one of a kind sound, instead of merely signing artist to compete with other artists specifically.

To me Ms. Varner is a perfect example of a very humble, very talented, yet confident artist. I try to be an example of such myself, but my hat goes off to my incredible contemporaries out here doing their thing! These are the ones that are paving the way just right in front of me.

When I first heard Ms. Varner on the radio I was blown away. I fell in love with her voice first. As a music producer, one of the things that perks our ears up is the tone of one's voice. Then we start to conjure up how it would sound over certain tracks in our imagination. I also liked how her music had that classic R&B feel yet with hip-hop undertones. I wasn't surprised to learn she wanted to do just that on her debut record "Perfectly Imperfect". (Hear it here)

I'm very happy for her. I could definitely relate to some of what she has been through in life and it's an inspiration when I see an artist such as herself transcend and become who they were meant to be.

It's a honor to have Ms. Varner as the subject of today's post! Rock on queen!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Poetry Slam October 3rd . .

What's good beautiful people? D-Natural here with another page out the chronicles of my life !

October has been very fun indeed, as I expected ! My album the Sigh of Relief EP has been out just about 2 months & has been thrilling me with great feedback ! Plus the icing on the cake so far as been that I somehow won a poetry slam among so many talented poets here in the Virginia area !! The above photo is of the MC for the event . It was an awesome evening and I still can't believe I won 1st prize !!!

Special Guest Poets & Slam Judges of Evening, Breeze "ILifeThis" & Roscoe B.
These gentleman pictured above killed it !!! They were some extremely talented poets from the Richmond, Virginia Area , Breeze & Roscoe B. ! Check them out on !! You won't be disappointed ! They also acted as part of the group judging the competition for the evening .

I was glad to be amongst such talent in the Virginia area ! I of course was representing for the Maryland area   , but still glad to be amongst gifted people in the DMV period !! We are some of the most talented individuals in the world, in my opinion !

The poetry slam took place at one of the campuses of the college that I am attending. It was fun indeed ! Over a dozen poets competed & there were 3 rounds of each poet delivering an original piece .

The slam was in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month .

The Lovely Audience 

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of myself when I got on the mic to perform . I will next time . But I did get video of myself reciting my poems & accepting my prize along with the other very talented winners of the evening !! I look forward to sharing that with you all very soon . !!

So as you can see October has been fun for me indeed ! I am currently working on my next EP entitled "Ceteris Paribus" , which I hope to have out within the next week or 2 !! Once again I change my production style up from playing the instruments & sampling myself to chopping up records ! So on this record you guys can expect to hear how I sound diggin in the creates & coming with my words in rhyme of course .

The usual passionate workaholic I am when it comes to my music, I'm also creating & releasing another EP which is a darker type of record from me yet with a very party type of feel . This EP is untitled as of now .

Along with more releases of my poetry & music, October looks to be a very fun productive month for me as usual !!

Stay Tuned for my next blogs which will feature selections from my upcoming EPs, original poetry, & much more !!

I just want to thank everyone for their support !! The love & results I have been getting are just simple amazing !!

Much love & peace & blessings to everyone ... Til the next time , keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams ..

D-natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Self-Portrait . . .

What's up world !?! D-Natural back again & this time with another brand new original poem written by yours truly !! 

This morning , while looking at myself in the mirror, I was inspired to compose a self-portrait of myself, but in  written form . 

Usually when you think of an artist creating a self-portrait, you think of a painting, like what Da Vinci or other great artists have done of themselves . Since I'm not a painter or an illustrator of any sort (though I would like to be) I decided to write my self-portrait , since that's what I do !

As I looked upon myself & reflected on the person that I am , fully present in the moment , the words just started pouring out of me . I think I came up with a pretty accurate view of myself for this time . Perhaps I'll write more continuations on this subject as I continue to evolve as a person . But for now , here's ME in written form . . Enjoy ! Peace & Blessings !

"Daniyel Christopher Artis"

By: D-Natural

His very name means
"God has judged the carrier of Christ the artist"

His name bares his destiny
Pride in representing himself with great modesty
With the natural ability 
Of humility

He seeks to enlighten the world confident
Of his essence

Though at times in his life treated like an unworthy peasant
misunderstood by those
wishing to fulfill their own self-interest

He is the culmination 
Of past generations

Of a great heritage
Neglected as a child he raised himself
to exhibit what he's inherited

Beyond his youthful years in maturity
His mind composed classical & jazz compositions
While daydreaming during class in elementary
Never ignoring the voice of God in him
Translating it to his poetry

Teased for being unique, bullied for being different
While deep down he understood of being envied for his presence

Creativity was his gift & curse
From birth
He's practiced his craft for his mission on Earth

To heal & inspire people

Through extracting beauty
From everything he sees
In abundance
Allowing his audience
To harmonize with his existence

Equipped with Aquarian
Knowing others will bring opposition
To his difference
Comprising opinions
To substitute what isn't appreciated of his
He ignores
Their ignorance

His purpose
Upon his renaissance 

He finds solace
In Jesus
Who he relates to from evidence
Of a person who transcended
With what he is dealing with

He proudly carries his own cross

Internalizing salvation through his creations
His art is pieces of his soul sculpted into physical manifestations

Humble genius

& he's forever in debt to the women
Who have fallen in love with him
For truly actually appreciating him for him
& though he desires relationship
With one
To love 
It's a challenge
To share space with His muse he's exclusively in love with

That being his music & prose

He's afflicted
By his talent

For creation
Having faith in this occupation
By this his art will be his redemption

As he watches the world open up to him
Decoding observed truths through his compositions
Choosing to walk around inside out exposing his inner visionz

He accepts the lifestyle of an artist

For it is his true nature

God has knighted him
With a keen sense
He's content
From seeing evidence
Of others inspired & entertained by his relevance

Relying on His intelligence

His enterprise boldly goes
Where other souls
A star on trek
To beautiful enlightenment

His life will be the epitome of it
His name 
Daniyel Christoper Artis

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freedom At Random EP

Freedom At Random EP By D-Natural
The Freedom At Random EP is the second installment in a series of EPs that will be released by D-Natural. Inspired by the tradegy that took place on September 11, 2001, D-Natural's intent was to inject some positive vibes into the universe during a tragic day in history. Released on the 11th anniversary of the event, D-Natural gives us here, four random instrumentals to enjoy.

This EP is dedicated to all those who lost their lives, as well as those affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

This album is for free, however donations are welcome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Be Free - Moonchild

These group of individuals are talented ! I totally love this song ! This is my kind of music ! Their whole albums is fantastic ! Hear the rest of the album here: Moonchild


My Universe

What's good everyone ? Back again with another original poem of mines ! This one is dedicated to all my ladies out there ! Enjoy

"My Universe"

By: D-Natural

She is my universe

eyes like the brightest stars

hair flowing like the milky way

her arms a solar system

surrounding me

feeling the gravitational pull of her heart

my cosmic fantasy

her embrace

an endless voyage

taking me beyond reality

to a realm where

we only exist

and our unity

forms one complete constellation

and our movements

create the seasons

and all of nature

responds to our romance

the radiance of her smile

ignites the sun

and causes all life to bloom

Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Producer I Look Up To : Timbaland

I've always been a BIG Timbaland fan from waaay back in the day . He's one of my favorite producers and I've learned about music production just from listening to him . One thing that always stood out to me about Timbalands production was how it was mixed and how he used to sounds he used . He went against the grain, he broke the rules . He made music that didn't sound like any of the top ten hits and yet it still became part of the top ten hits . That's something that I aspire to do , even if it's on a indie/underground scale . Not only is he from the DMV like myself , he's also a very humble person . With the extraordinary talents he possesses, the things he's accomplished in the game, he's still a down to person and has stayed true to himself .

I wanted to share one of his radio interviews because he says a lot of real shit in it . As a producer AND as a man , alot of the things he said rang true to me . And really I think anybody who is an up and coming talent in the industry but also a human with faults can relate to this . Big homie broke it down like it should be broken down to people like US . . I present to you, another representative of the DMV, one of my heroes : Timbaland 

Peace & Enjoy y'all !

D-Natural, AVP


(this is dedicated to my family)

It is not up to me
to decipher why I’m so indifferently
opposed to how you think I should be
I’m just being me

You haven’t lived my reality
Walked in my shoes
to your feet bruised
with clues of my greatness
living underneath my uniqueness

With that said
your opinion is oblivious

Greet me with smiles
and gestures suggesting
a love or embrace clever
so I never
would think
that behind my back you talk about me like my soul stinks

My soul is the concoction
of life seasoned with experience
past and present
with a certain genius
that skips generations
for those who can carry out certain missions
with the right intentions

I was born with a soul like this

As I grew up in it

I experienced teasing
for the being articulate in meaning
and seeing things differently
yet clinging
to my inner beauty
as if it were
my life preserver

I’ve learned that what people do to you
is a reflection of themselves and not you
how you reflect yourself is
how you honor the you that is true
And yes everyone is entitled to their opinion
but it shall not have dominion
over my existence

Because I exist
to fulfill my soul within
Their perception
is a mixture of half-true facts & curiosity
forming fiction
in their beliefs
But their beliefs
won’t define me
when there weren’t there in lonely
of myself learning my purpose

I’ve learned to let go &
fall deeper in love with myself
while God takes care of the rest
for He knows my heart & that it’s the best
which in me dwells I’ll manifest
wealth when I’ve passed this test
along with not giving into others opinions outside of it

By: D-Natural 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Producer's Prayer

I took the 23rd Psalm & remixed it to match a music producer’s perspective .. 
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall make beats
He giveth me creative ability
He leadeth me to inspiration
He restoreth my talents
He leadeth me in the paths of opportunity
For my brands sake
Yea, though I walk through
Dark valleys of the industry
I shall fear no evil
For my fans art with me
Writing music on the staff, He comforts me
Thou maketh the fruits of my expression
Known in the presence of my contemporaries
Thou anointest my head with ideas
My catalog runneth over
Surely success & prosperity
Shall follow me all the days of my career
And I will dwell in my studio producing
in honor of my Lord forever
By: D-Natural (@ArtisticVisionz)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Laments Of An Artist

What's good everyone ?

I was watching the movie "Amadeus" that I checked out at the public library recently . The movie portrays Mozart as an extraordinarily talented young man, which he was. However it also portrays him as a mad man...

I've been reflecting on myself as an artist lately. My work, whether it is my poetry or my music is an integral part of who I am . In fact, outside of that, it's really hard for me to even distinguish other facets of my being. I used to take to Twitter and share with the world my life as I lived it. I revealed insights into my personal life which yields my work. For my life is the catalyst for my how my talents are channeled and presented to the world. I didn't see other artists doing such a thing on their timelines, and wanted to be one of the very few that took a different approach in how I presented myself on mines along with my music/poetry. But now I see why other artist don't . .

I've learned that I can no longer do things that way. However, I have learned that through my music/poetry, I can still reveal such personal perspectives, but reveal them there and there only.

Watching the movie "Amadeus", I related alot to the character of Mozart as portrayed in the film. Whether Mozart was like that in real life, I do not know . I do know that us musicians/poets/artists, do have our quirks about us that can raise the eye brows of our fellow man every now & then  (as I'm sure I did when I used to tweet like I did) .

I was inspired by the image of a mad artist and paused the movie to write this poem . .

"Laments Of An Artist"

By: D-Natural

So bold
a sober soul
who creates with the intent
of repentance
through scores of his genius

glorify his mind
for it has been purposely crucified several times
in sync with his life

making his pen
cry at his hearts whim
possibly confusing ones who don't listen to their hearts within

But reaching ones who understand his intelligence
removed from loved ones who pity his indecent
understanding to their reality
through his creations questioning the irony

and it's easy
for those unknown to living with such ability
to interpret God's beauty

They judge him for not living normally
But how normal can he be
when he has the responsibility 

of handling God's gifts
like taming several wild spirits dueling in his abyss
to be freed
to enlighten the world's mysteries

How he must deal with the task
of constantly consuming contents from heaven's flask
to express the intoxication
through his imagination

They can't fathom
what's not revealed to them

talents only bestowed
to those who know
instinctively to go
to places hidden
to the average human

you might call him a mutant

certain visions
divinely chosen 

for his psyche 
so that only he can conjure up art that suits man perfectly

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reflecting Like The Sunlight Off The Water

What's up everyone ?!

D-Natural here back with another installment in the chronicles of my life & work !

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go out with my favorite uncle on his awesome boat ! ! My uncle is the person I learned to play the bass from growing up ! Talk about a dope musician ..

Maybe it's the Aquarius in me but I feel so at home around water ! I was able to get some cool photographs during the time I spent aboard his boat . I'm an ex Navy sailor but never got a chance to go out to sea . I would have like to though because of the sights you can see while cruising the seas .

We had a good time !! It was awesome cruising the seas and enjoying some fine pale ale, living like pirates !!    
I was even fortunate enough to get some pics of the wildlife like this Blue Heron !! 

We first spotted him chilling on the shore across from us (12 o'clock in the photograph) where we were docked . Then all the sudden he started flying directly toward us from right at that spot ! With my camera in hand and at the ready I was able to snap a few of him while he was in flight !! Yes !

The uncle's boat was a classic old school boat called a Tayana . The boat was about 40 years old and had sailed all over this planet ! I could feel the vibes of a well traveled vessel and I know it had to have been through some great adventures on the water !! I loved how the boat gently rocked back in forth when I was chillin down in the cabin . I put me in a beautiful trance while I meditated on the mysteries of life .

I loved the vibe I felt as the red lights illuminated the cabin . The above photo is the view from the cabin toward the front of the boat .

This is the view going towards the aft or back of the cabin . I slept in the nook way in the back and got some of the best sleep I've gotten in awhile !

 The dock looked really cool at night so I snapped a few photos just walking around . .

While I aboard this wonderful vessel, I reflected on how far I've come with myself in life . I thought about my   music, poetry and just my work in general . I thought about my future and all the things I wanted to accomplish as well as the things I've already managed to accomplished . I came up with some cool ideas for things I wanted to do, many of which I will be sharing with you guys here !!

I just want to thank everyone for tuning in and supporting me !!  The last time I check my stats on me blog here, I learned that I've just gone over 10,000 views last week !!! That really makes me happy !! It showed a large number of views from returning viewers to my blog and that made me really happy too !! You guys are really keeping up with me ! I assure you that I'm gonna continue to do my best in having dope music, poetry, videos and much more as I continue to sail this mighty adventure I'm on called life !

It's been awhile since I've giving yall some of my poetry here, so the next few blogs will be just that , as well as some of my latest music including tracks from my newly released debut Sigh of Relief EP ! The album will be also available on iTunes, Amazon and many other sites soon along with more new releases that I'm currently working on ! Can't wait to show you guys more of what's in store !!

As always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams !

One Love

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My 1st Album Is Finally Here Y'all ! ! !

D-Natural "Sigh of  Relief  EP"

The Sigh of Relief EP is the 1st of many solo efforts to come from Producer/Poet/Artist D-Natural of Artistic Visionz Productions. The album contains no samples with all instruments played by D-Natural including the 5 String Bass and an array of keys. The album is titled The of Sigh of Relief in homage to the long journey D-Natural has taken while grinding to get his music out to the world. The songs echo this theme as D-Natural touches on variety of topics dealing with life including love, acceptance, and his dreams of making a beautiful career out of his passions. Enjoy! This is just the beginning.....

Hear & Purchase The Album Here

All songs Written,Performed,Produced,Mixed,Recorded and Mastered

By: D-Natural for Artistic Visionz Productions
D-Natural on Twitter:  @ArtisticVisionz

Thursday, July 12, 2012

D-Natural - Sigh of Relief EP ... Coming soon ! ! ! !

What's up everyone ! ? ! ?

I know it's been awhile since I last posted something here and for that I apologize !

But as usual your boy never stops moving !

Above is the album cover art for my debut album ! ! Photograph taken by me of course . .

Recent obstacles have slowed down the release of my debut album "The Sigh of Relief EP" but it's coming, I PROMISE ! !

I decided to add 2 more tracks to round out my 1st EP which is going to be short and sweet! However, in the midst of producing and writing the last few tracks 4 my EP, I just had to get n2 an accident with my damn van ! ! I didn't hit anybody, just wrecked my van, bruised up my ribs and some spots on my frame but thank God I'm alive & well ! ! ! I know I'm not indestructible but man am I tough ! ! !

As I move on to finally wrap things up with this project so that I can move onto all things I have in front of me, I just wanna thanks EVERYONE 4 your continued support of me, my music, and my writing ! ! !

You have no idea how much it is felt ! ! These recent events have made for some interesting subject matter to finish my album with. This album is very personal to me and is my immediate statement to everyone about who I am ! ! It's a short introduction 2 all of my solo albums that will follow from this point . The production I did for this album is different from the instrumentals I've shared with you guys over the past few years because it customized to how my emotions were flowing as I wrote my lyrics.

All I can say for that now is that I CAN'T WAIT for all of you to hear it and for myself to wrap it up to I can move onto all the opportunities I have scattered on my table such as: songs I'm producing for all my clients around our planet and beginning work on my next full-length album "Charity Case", which is sort of a continuation of my debut "Sigh of Relief EP". . .

Also new poems in the works 4 release on here and my other blogs as well . . Cuz as you guys know, I love and never stop working ! ! ! ! Especially with this accident that just happened, I have even more work to do now to rebound from this ! ! !

I'm writing this blog in the lab of my new school that I've transferred 2 down here in Southern Virginia ! I'm officially enrolled and ready to continue work on my bachelors in Business Administration . . I'm just a lil over halfway complete with that . . The semester begins 3rd week of August so I have lots to wrap up b4 I have to divide my career/time to accommodate my studies yet again . . But my grind don't stop babe ! !

Got more haterz 2 prove wrong & silence, half of which is coming from inside some of my own family who don't believe in me or my music. BUT YOU AND I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT HERE ! ! ! ! ^_^

They have NO IDEA of my accomplishments or what I've achieved so far but hey it's doesn't matter. I even talk about this subject on my upcoming album. At the end of each day the rest of WORLD continues to send me love & respect for what I do which mean more that anyone will ever know.

Their doubt & hate is part of the high octane fuel that powers my creative energy/hustle . Always channeling life n2 my art . .

Until the next time > > > Thanks soooo much for tuning in 1nce again & as always keep chasing your dreams and KEEP THE FAITH ! ! Peace

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RG3, Redskins, Guestlist . . .

Courtesy of

What's good folks ? ! D-Natural back atcha again ! !

4 those that don't know, I am a proud Prince Georges County, MD, native of the DMV & loyal Redskins fan ! ! I've been to see some great games live at the ol RFK stadium & @ FEDEX Field, where I worked the gates for our very 1st game there ! I've bled burgundy and gold for years ! ! It's great that the fans are excited about the addition of RG3 & I am 2 ! ! It's gonna be our year and I'll be cheering every step of the way ! Through all the rough times and the great ones, I'll still be there 4 my Skins ! !

I hope our new quarterback can get adjusted to this new level of play now in his career. I do know that he comes from a good family and is a very hard worker so I think he's gonna do very well ! Just watch. When we win our first game, I'll be right here to inform all off you AND release some dope music on that day ! ! Matter of fact, I might just do a few versions of my own Redskins songs ! !! I can create anything, so we'll see what I come up with ! And speaking of my music -------- > >

D-Natural "Guestlist"
"Guestlist" is my latest in this series of releases I've dubbed the appetizers. This is my latest single in that series until I release more of my new material that I know you guys have been waiting for ! !

I can't wait 2 share more with you guys ! ! ! More of my music and poetry on the way, plus some other surprises ! ! !

Till the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams ! !

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Friday, April 27, 2012

Virginia Country Bound . . . . .

What's up world ?!? D-Natural here back at you with another blog of mines ! I know it's been awhile since I've blogged here . However, as I've said in the past, whenever you don't see me blogging here, it's only because I'm MAD BUSY working really hard at alot of other things. But this here blog has always been one of my main priorities and as I stated from the very 1st blog here back in 2009, my mission here is to take you every step of the way with me as I grow with my music, poetry, and production company : Artistic Visionz Productions ! !

All the photographs you will see in this post are among the many that I shot when I visited my family in Southern Virginia over the spring break . For those of you that don't know yet, I'm moving ! ! Yes finally getting away from the hustle and bustle of DC city life for calm pastures, clean air, and the simple living that rural life can provide. Now don't get me wrong, I will always love my hometown of Capitol Heights, Maryland and everywhere I travel to upon this planet, I will ALWAYS represent ! However, it comes a time when after you have planned and worked as hard as I have, the opportunity presents itself to get out of the hood and Capitol Heights is the HOOD . You see, a man must move on . Seeing police helicopters(birds of the ghetto) fly over your head eyeing you from the sky ALL DAY, everyday, because they are trying to monitor all the Madness in the town, getting harrassed by the police in the streets because they thought you were someone else, fiends on the corner constantly begging you everytime you walk past for money to support thier habits, ignorant thugs & hoodrats who want nothing but to cause you drama in the streets, it gets old . You turn on the news and learn that someone was just shot yet again around the corner from you . Sometimes I look around and think , " How in the hell did a person like ME come from an area like this ? " I know though, that I owe that to God and my mother, a strong single parent who did the very best she could to protect and shepard me through the darkness so that I would find my light, which as you can see, I DID ! ! !

So, the time has come to move on and continue to show the world who I am and what I'm about so that I may return back to Capitol Heights and help make it better than it was when I left it, which I will do some day ! Fortunately, I will still be in my beloved DMV, just residing now in the V part ! So I'm really digging that ! I've built up a strong local network of folks here in the area and it's still plenty of work to be done with them. I've found a place near my family in Southern Virginia to move to and even have a van that I now own there waiting for me. Getting a van was the best option seeing how my music business is getting larger and I'm gonna have alot of traveling to do along with my all music equipment which consist of my keyboards, guitars, basses, amps, mics, cords, my MPC, etc . . . I'm also transferring to a college down there where my grandpa used to be one of the deans at, where I am going to finish my bachelors degree in business in a special accelerated program and probably pick up another bachelor degree in the process. I'm at the Junior level (3rd year) of college now with my studies which I somehow managed to complete all within the last year and a half while singlehandedly running Artistic Visionz Productions, traveling, producing music, writing poetry, growing my photography/video shooting skills and the other thangs I'm involved in ! ! ! Wowzers ! ! BUT somehow I've managed to do it all BY MYSELF ! ! I even earned a Twitter Shorty Award nomination in the social media world, in the top 40 ranking for the Radio category, around this time last year in the process which I'm extremely proud of . . .

So as the butterfly goes through stages before it can fly, I'm branching out of my cocoon to a different environment, around new unfamiliar people, new territories and artistic venues. Just as I did late last year in New York (check my last October blog), I'm expanding Artistic Visionz Productions to new horizons ! ! It is all very exciting ! ! Everyday I'm stronger, wiser, and more skillful. I'm understanding more of what I'm doing in an ever changing music industry and it's becoming clearer what direction(s) I wanna go in. One of the the good things about being near my immediate family in Virgina is that I will have access to my grandpa's church, which is where my music career started at 4 years old, and where I taught myself to play all the instruments I play. When my grandpa, a Pastor, it's not using it to preach at his services or do any other functions, I'm gonna turn that joint into my live recording studio ! ! ! I'm gonna get started almost right away when I get down there working on all those live solo albums that I'm planning to release as well as complete the work on my studio albums that I should have released by now in between my college studies ! ! It's gonna feel good to take it back to where it all started at this stage in my musical development, playing the very instruments I grew up learning and playing on as a child ! !

I can't express enough how excited and ready I am about this new transition I'm in ! !

In other news . . .  I'm about to release in the next blog post after this one, my next appetizer for you guys to vibe to while I'm completing the several music and poetry projects I have in the works ! ! I've mentioned my song called "Guestlist" in previous blogs and I've decided to go ahead and take it out my vault of unreleased work . It was originally set to be included on an early prototype of an album I was working on along with my other single I have out "Madness". I felt it's only right to release it now, in hopes that you guys will enjoy it while I steadily work on the much much newer material that I have in store for you guys ! ! So please stay tuned for that, u digg ? ? word

So with ALL that said , until the next I return here with a personal update, please keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams ! ! As you can see, I sure still am ! ! ! Stayed tuned here of course for all my latest music, poems, photographs, videos, collaborations, and other surprises I haven't revealed yet ! !

I just wanna say THANKS to all my fans/followers/supporters from the bottom of my heart for keeping up with me ! It truly means more than any of you will ever know ! Peace

D-Natural, AVP