Friday, August 8, 2014


1 of my throwaways from the vault. I somehow manipulated a sample of Gregorian monks chanting to spell out DMV.. It’s kinda rough but whatever, it’s the only version . It was of the moments where I liked it when I was creating it but then I didn't like it afterwards so I just put it the vault. In this situation I would usually delete the original instrumental so I can't record over it again. Then a couple months or even years later when I stumble upon it again, I'm like this isn't that bad after all, maybe I should at least share it with the people. I do that with my music A LOT !! I'm so brutal on myself & my work it's not even funny. I think it's because I listen to it so much while creating/writing to the music that it gets redundant and annoys me after awhile. I forget that when other people hear it, it's going to be brand new to them and they might get a different, better experience. Sometimes I think I have to go out and live life so I'll get some fresh ears then come back to some of my old work. This is usually the best time for me  to listen to it again. I always hear it differently then and can immediately see what I was attempting to do at the time. This is why I at least keep some songs around because I just plain delete a lot of stuff I make (a bad habit I'm trying to break). This is because I feel it won't live up to my more popular & acclaimed work. But anyway, hope you enjoy! More original music, poetry and much more coming soon!!


D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions