Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kemet (Instrumental)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Humbled . . .


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What's up world?!?

I'm just starting to recover as I type this, due to nearly fainting when I discovered that the legendary music journalist/author, Danyel Smith, not only knows who I am but even favorited my profile on About.me.  If you don't know who she is Google or Youtube her right now, or you can simply click to enlarge the above screenshot and read just a few of her many outstanding accomplishments. For those of you that's been following my chronicles here for awhile, you know I wrote a post about how surprised I was when the legendary Michael Narada Walden, showed me love on another profile of mines. The love shown from Danyel Smith here ranks right up there!!!

Now please don't get me wrong. Trust me, I really do appreciate ALL the support, love, and respect that EVERYONE takes the time to show me. It really does keep me going. But when I am acknowledged from the super-stars of the industry like these individuals, it truly is the icing on the cake. The fact that Danyel Smith has contributed in a major way in more ways than one, to all the music publications that I've grown up reading (while wishing I can be in one day), just absolutely thrills me! She has worked with all my heroes and I know she isn't a fan of just anybody plus keeps it real, which is part of the reason why her opinion is valued and so critical in the industry. So the fact that she actually took the time to check me out and liked me, leaves me speechless.

This seems to be happening to me more and more recently. Just when I think no one cares or even appreciates my work, I get pleasant surprises like this. This just confirms that I must be on the right track. I know in my heart and soul when my work is decent enough to share with the rest of you, or I just don't release it. At the same time, I'm still scared to death when I put things out because I don't want to disappoint anyone and I put a lot of pressure on myself to do my best. Also when I mention my musical or literary endeavors to 90% of my family these days, they don't want to know anything about it, no matter what success I could be enjoying. Some of them even change the conversation while I'm in mid sentence or look the other way (seriously). I've learned that a lot of it is jealousy, envy, and a reflection of how they view themselves, which is the last type of energy you want to receive from your loved ones. God forbid I become successful from doing what I absolutely love instead of doing what everyone else is conditioned to settle for in society. I had texted my grandmother recently with the news that I had the first of my releases on iTunes and didn't even get a text back, a congrats or anything. If I texted her that I had a job interview for a corporate entity, I bet everything I own, I would have received a positive text back. Now I'm not the type that needs a pat on the back, but some type of positive encouragement is good for everyone I think, especially from family. So for all my haters, take that, take that, ha ha!

I can give numerous examples about how sharing my ambitions with my family will get a response from them as if I'm sharing my plans for genocide or something hellish. However, I think you guys get the point by now. I just never could understand that they choose not to recognize these obvious abilities that the Divine has given me. I know if I had a son who could do some of the things I could, I would have been his business manager, tour manager, roadie and biggest fan in whatever path he chose to go with it.                                       


When I get love from notable individuals like Danyel Smith, it trumps any negativity I can receive from anyone and is just a beautiful reminder that my labor of love is not in vain. I guess we truly never know who's watching us. But they are only watching me because of decisions I've made to go and get mines with gifts God gave me. This was very inspiring and motivating. I want to say thanks to everyone out there that's been down with me and loving what I do. I consider the fans my TRUE family, because I get the love and appreciation for being me. Not just my music, poetry or performances, but > > > ME.

Until the next time beautiful people, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams!


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Words can't possibly explain how much I love women. Being the lonely single man I am, this is just something I finished writing to express my adoration for something that's missing at times. This for all the ladies out there. My pathetic attempts to write love poetry.



By: D-Natural

want us
to blend
souls together
and form
a cosmic
sweet like
your lips
in my bland

never forgetting
I Came
from you
believing in me
and my breath
is your divine ether

to embrace you
is majestic
like I'm holding
onto everything
perfect in creation
and I'm
my principle
is in your palace

You balance
my purpose
scale to
your supreme
I freeze
in your arms

You charm
my Buddha
and cause me
to rethink
All that is
from myself
lost without
your body
as my compass

Ode to joy
because you are
my sonata
and I can't
hear God's voice
because your laughter
drowns out my pain

I've labored
so hard
to deserve you
and in return
you birth
a new
to rule the Universe

May we matrimony
down the path
of milky ways
with comets
as decorations
our ceremony
and they'll
shower us
with solar flares
and auroras
announcing our union
to All beings
in existence

Giving my dignity
to cameo
in your dreams
so it's a reprise
when you awaken
next to me

You camouflage
my insecurities
and present
them to me
as commendable
attainable perfections

You stroll
alongside my pharaoh
as the centerpiece
of my Being
holding me down
as if it's no
other way
for Us to reign
and I am forever
for how much
you appreciate
my sincere
for you
Love Supreme


Friday, July 4, 2014


What's up world?!?

Being that today is known as Independence Day in the USA. I recognize that not everyone can celebrate an Independence Day and not everyone was even free or independent on what is known as Independence Day. So from there I began to think of  "freedom" as just a concept. I remember the pretty sister from that movie "Slam" with Saul Williams, saying that you can be free anytime you want. So what is freedom? That inspired this piece I just finished writing called "Freedom". Just me scribbling some random thoughts as usual. New ebooks coming soon!



By: D-Natural

Being an outcast
I'm not popular
I don't have a crew
around me

I can't attract
designing women
because I didn't
invest in slave camps
that manufactured
the new Jordans

and I'm decked out in apparel
from four years ago
now they getting hip
and calling that retro

you won't see me at tonight's party
with misguided queens
twerking on me


I'll be with one
who knows
I am intellectually sexy
rubbing my back
as I solve complex equations

in each breath
I am granted
and not being
reminded from family
how much of
a failure I am
because my phone is on
airplane mode
and I can't receive
their calls

renting a room
not having a mortgage
or paying property tax
on land I farmed and built
just to say I am a homeowner

remembering when I used to scan
my finger
to clock in at work
for a boss
to delight in being
the dictator of my soul

living below my means
not buying designer genes
rewiring my DNA
to love debt

not chasing relationships
content with self-investment
but it's a challenge
and I've learned
the lonely nights
were just an illusion
because I couldn't see
my ancestors present
as they turn-up
and celebrate
rejoicing me
working silently
ushering the next revolution

fresh set of eyes
to decode
matrix programming
inventing a new
form of DOS
through coded language
that conscious
mind computers
can break down

and it's hard
to escape lust
when thick tender thighs
are headed my direction
conjuring up my homie
explaining yesterday's erotic conquest
but knowing
restraining myself
will be worth it
when I find queens
that can rock my world
spiritually and mentally
for mind orgasms last
way longer

so I'll continue
to seek truth
uncovering what I already knew

which was

free your mind
so your ass can follow
the kingdom of heaven
is within