Sunday, August 2, 2015

D-Natural: M.I.A.

What's up world ?!?!?

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile since my last post here....

However, the things I mentioned in my last post  "Update" are really still relevant to what's up with me at this time. I had reluctantly regressed from creating to really work on myself as a person and to explore certain aspects of life & spirituality more. I knew that doing this would make me a better enlightened person, thus an even better artist and writer.

I have also taken the time this summer, while I have a much needed break from my academic obligations, to expand my work outside the music industry into the film industry. This led to me attending the Production Assistant Seminar back in mid May and completing the program to become a certified Production Assistant in the Film Industry!

Film Industry Veteran Gary Fiorelli & Myself
(Seminar Photos Courtesy of Adrienne W., Virginia Film Office Intern)
I had a blast training at the seminar and networking with awesome like-minded individuals! I had a brief glimpse of what Production Assistants do when I stumbled upon the set during filming of the upcoming film Ithaca while traveling through downtown Petersburg last summer.

I've always wanted to work further in the film industry while honing my craft as a music producer and writer. As a Mass Communications major at Virginia State University, I've found myself falling more in love with using a camera and getting dope shots (still or motion), almost as much as I do making music or writing poetry. Especially these days, an artist must be familiar with the visual aspect of their art, which is necessary for generating content in this digital age which has totally changed the way we consume art.

The seminar was held at the beautiful J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College campus in Richmond, Virginia. At the seminar I along with others spent a whole weekend training and covering all that goes into producing a film such as call sheets, script writing, technical terms, scene breakdowns, editing, etc...

This will really aid my journey as I get more into directing and editing my own music visuals/videos, poetry visuals and other ideas that in the works.

I am really excited and currently looking for my first film productions (outside my own) to be apart of in the DMV area and abroad. For more information on what took place and future seminars check out:


In my next blog I will shed some more light on other endeavors over the summer outside of my music and writing.

But for now lets get back to the music!

Recently I have released a few new instrumentals out of the vault on the Artistic Visionz YouTube channel and will continuing to release more in the upcoming weeks ahead as I continue to work on solo projects for myself and artists seeking music production or collaborations. The latest of some of my work can be heard below:

Also as mentioned before, I haven't stopped writing and am still planning the release of my first ebook of poetry. In the meantime, as I've done in the past, I will release some poems out of the vault here in there along with some recital visuals.

I know I've been quiet, but trust me, I got y'all ! ! ! Everything WILL be worth the wait.

Until the next time, thanks so much for your continued support. It definitely is felt. You all are what drives me. Keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams.


Artistic Visionz Productions

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