Monday, June 17, 2013

$teady Grooving . . .

What's up world ?!

It's your man D-Natural back again with another chapter of my journey to share my gifts with the universe ! Been busy lately as usual making things happen & expanding Artistic Visionz Productions . Very happy to share some of my progress with you all thus far . . .

Still personally inspired by one of the songs I wrote & recorded for my debut EP Sigh of Relief back in August , I decided to reprise my most popular song off that project "Good Enough" with a visual of myself performing an intimate alternate version of it on guitar .

It's seems to have resonated with lots of you out there and of course as with all my work, it's very personal to me as well . I"m very happy to see that people are relating to my music and my messages ! It's really inspiring me continue on this journey that I've started with you all . 

I'm proud and honored to be playing my grandfather's vintage 1979 Peavey T-160 electric lead guitar . Everything time I pick this baby up it just felt right at home in my hands & I fell in love with it a little more each time . I'll be using it a lot more on other projects that I currently have in the works . I might have to possibly hunt for one just like it !! It's nothing like the sound of vintage instruments . With all the technology we have in today's society , musical instruments have evolved so much . But , even with that said , all the technology in the world can't replace the classic sound of instruments & equipment from the past . I personally will be starting a collection of them myself !

San Francisco, California Recording Artist Mr. B
Very proud to have recently collaborated with a great emcee out of San Francisco, California, Mr. B !! I had the opportunity to produce two songs , "Saved" & "Lord With You" , for his newly released album entitled "Hope" !

Mr. B "Hope"
One of the things that immediately stood out to me about Mr. B was his unique style & lyrical content ! He's a complete original . He delivers his lyrics with great energy & passion in all his music . 

I also liked the inspirational messages he injects in all his work , which has culminated into his beautiful new Gospel Hip-Hop album "Hope". A proud family man, Mr. B believes in creating what he calls 100% kid safe Hip-Hop . He definitely accomplishes that on his latest album and it gave me great pleasure to work with him in this effort . It also gave me great pleasure to hear the outstanding songs he wrote and recorded for this album which include our songs:

Everything really turned out great and he really blew me away with what he did to my work especially !! I look forward to more collaboration with this very talented west coast emcee !! I encourage you to click on all the links here to experience how he puts it down !! Trust me , you will NOT be disappointed !!

Until the next time , keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams ! I'll holla at y'all again soon but for now it's back to work . . .

One love

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions