Saturday, March 5, 2011

Manic Depression....

artwork by Dan Dishman

What's up world!! Its your man D-Natural, back 2 hit you with some more of my original writing. Let me 1st apologize 4 not posting in a minute. As u know, whenever you don't see me, its because iAm maaad busy. Things have been crazy but u know I can't stay away from y'all 2 long!!! Just know that I have some surprises 4 you guys and u know I'ma always hit u with more of my music and writing. I thank everybody 4 their support of this blog and my work. It means alot!! That's part of what keeps my spirits up, when I see my work being recognized and respected! But then those are those times when I don't feel my best and my mind can get very dark. Negative thoughts come and settle like unwanted house guests in my head. I have my cycles where I feel all I do is 4 nothing. I feel lonely, vulnerable and my cries go unheard. Now though I eventually pull out these rough spots mentally, I like 2 record these moments where my mind is chaotic. My music and writing will always express my true nature. Here is a glimpse into the darkness of D-Natural...

Manic Depression

By: D-Natural

thoughts racing
like horses
out of control
spiraling mess
ignoring self
ignoring the facts
loathing attention
but wanting help

is an understatement

desiring to abandon
all that is
for all that isn't


isolated madness

anxiety batters the body
ravishes any purity

bitter blues
are frequent

talents are used
inspired creativity
nourished by
a reality invented

creating is the only
time when he feels
closest to God
at ease

and other moments
are suspended in time

self doubt
with underlying confidence
knighting himself
to impact the world
so that those can
experience his enigma

feeling as if chosen
to carry out several tasks
to unleash a power
not temperamental to any factor

however  fear
is the variable

life is only temporary
as if his mere existence is not enough

playing poker with the devil
but really wanting
the comfort of angels

to be cradled by God
like a new born baby
wishing to return
to a time
where things were simple
before reality
started raping his request
for peace

as though it is a luxury
only afforded
at intervals
of glory by grace

this is a sickness
with a complexity
of a genius design

his screws are loose
but the ones that are not
are polished with pristine quality

thus sustaining him
during times of uncertainty

ye though he walks
through the valley of death
he fears no evil
but  embracing
such a valley
with its dark corners feeling like
a sanctuary for his insanity
but at the same time hell

a paradox of truths

and the thoughts
that riot
in the tin pan allies
of his beautiful mind