Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drums n the key of D-Natural . . .

What's up good people ! ? ! ?

It's your favorite music producer/poet back for another installment of this here blog of mines ! ! I shot this new video earlier 2day, while fulfilling my side duties as drummer 4 my church ! Being that this is that last weekend of Black History Month, in honor we performed "Lift Every Voice and Sing" for the second song . . Enjoy ! !

I am sooo happy 2 fill you guys in on all the INCREDIBLE opportunities coming my way ! Artistic Visionz Productions is really growing and reaching alot of people out there all over the world !

4 right now, I'll just say that it seriously looks like I'm goin to be working with some of YOUR favorite artist soon ! ! Some of these artist you hear on the radio right now, or see daily on MTV ! ! ! My years of paying dues and working extremely hard is really payin off ! !

So I have alot of work ahead to fulfil some request soon to be coming my way from some majors . . Stay Tuned !

And you know of course, I'm still releasing brand new instrumentals 4 everyone 2 vibe 2 . Along with my new single out called "Madness", I have more new solo singles/appetizers on the way ! !

Also new collaborations in the works to produce more music for my current roster of clients . New poems, photos, and videos on the way as well ! ! Yeah, I REALLY STAY WORKING ! ! ^_^

My grind is non-stop ! Aside from managing all the latest interest in Artistic Visionz , yall know you man is also a full time student in school ! I love my new school I have transferred 2 ! Can't wait to entertain the whole campus with what Artistic Visionz has to offer and make some new fans ! I'll be documenting more of my life on campus as a student and sharing it with you all soon !

Well, gotta go and finish writting this paper which is literally due later this morning when I get to school . . Yikes ! But I love rolling my sleeves up and getting the job done in the clutch !

Until the next time, keep chasing your dreams and keep the faith !

D-Natural, AVP