Wednesday, May 28, 2014

D-Natural in Depth (Part II)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Been Awhile . . .

What's up world ? ! ? It's yours truly coming at you with a long overdue (apologies) installment in my chronicles !

Just want to say thanks to all my fans & supporters that's been holding me down ! ! You have no idea how much the love and support is felt . It's what keeps me going and focused ! ! For those that tune in here on the regular , you know if you don't see a post from your man in awhile , I'm very very busy . I really do enjoy sharing with you all here and I assure you there will be A LOT more posts following this one !

As you see previously I had started off the year with my latest project the " Doin Me EP "  , which I'm proud to say has been receiving a lot of love and respect out there . Two singles from that release , the title track "Doin Me" & "Gettin Mines" , have been my the first releases on iTunes  and other online retailers worldwide  < < Purchase your copies today !

The next month following that release in February , I had the pleasure of doing my 1st radio interview of the year with WOW U Radio on their Indie Luv series . You can check that interview out right here > > > < < < You can enjoy the entire broadcast or begin my interview @ the 131:00 section of the program .

Also around this time I began finishing one of my forthcoming releases " The Collegiate Experience EP " , inspired by my experience at Virginia State University ( shout out to my Trojans ! ) which I've decided to release at the end of this summer . To all those who have been awaiting it's release , my apologies . Trust , it will be well worth the wait ! ! ! 

However , I am happy to let you all know that the release of new original music & poetry from me will not stop ! !

As always I have other projects in store for all of you to be released via different mediums . I have a series of original music & spoken word poetry visuals for you all that will be released very soon . I intend to continue where I left off with my " Drums in D-Natural " Series on Youtube < <  and take you all behind the scenes with me in my studio , creating some of my latest music right in front of you ! Subscribe the Artistic Visionz via YouTube for the latest in these endeavors ! !   Other things in the works I won't speak on just yet , but you won't be disappointed ! ! I'm so excited ! !

 As always , thanks so much to all for the respect & support ! Until the next time , keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams !