Friday, December 23, 2011

Norman Weeks - I Love to Praise Him

Happy Holidays yall ! ! !

Above is the new single and video for my bandmate Norman Weeks ! Google and please check out his music ! ! I am featured playing drums on this song , in which we cut in th studio a few months back . .

Stay tuned for more new music/poetry on the next blog ! I hope everyone has a great holiday season ! I'll get back atcha very soon ! ! !

D-Natural , AVP

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mu$ic, New York, Redskins .......

What's up world ? ! It's your man D-Natural, checking in with the latest in this crazy adventure I call my life ! As we wrap up the month of September, I can reflect and say that this has truly been a very productive and inspiring month ! It was a month of expanding my Artistic Visionz brand to new territory ! It was a month of meeting beautiful new people ! It was a month of creation and hard labor in the studio !

We begin with my studio session for the legendary Norman Weeks . As you can see from my last blog post we had been rehearsing to go in and record the song for Norman's lead single off his upcoming album . It was alot of fun as it usually it with Mr. Weeks . I fell in love with the studio we were in and plan to record a ton of my music there beginning next year, including all the songs for my first official full length debut album titled " The Sigh of Relief LP " ! !

Along with recording with others, I took advantage of the break I had from school to record songs for my long overdue forthcoming EP "Poetic Soul" ! ! Gonna be shooting the music video for my first single off the EP called "Madness" very soon ! ! The album will be what I consider a short appetizer to everyone at 6 tracks . It's just a brief introduction into the world of D-Natural ! ! The albums that will follow will show more of my range as a music producer and artist ! ! Also I'll soon be rocking more open mics & other events around the DMV in efforts to promote my " Poetic Soul " EP while gearing up to release other projects as well as collaborations with other artist from all over . Recording and creating has been great lately ! ! Even wrote the lyrics for one the songs off my "Poetic Soul" EP while on the way back from New York City ! It was my first time in the big apple and I must say , I truly had a blast and came away inspired and more confident in my abilities ! !

New York was amazing ! I took this photo within the first hour after I arrived . As you can see toward the middle of the photo, people were protesting among the hundreds of people there about the justice system, Troy Davis and other things going on in society . Almost had the chance of doing a spontaneous performance later on that week for the Occupy Wall Street protest , but my homie Kilusan and I didn't quite get too with our schedule . Seeing all this reminded me of the similar protest that go on here in DC . I went up there in effort to support a great friend of mine, the very talented, Kilusan Bautista, as he performed an outstanding 3 day run of his one man play " Universal Filipino " at the legendary, the historic, Nuyorican Poets Cafe ! ! It was amazing building with brother Kilusan ! Seeing his grind as I assisted throughout the run of his play, truly inspired me . It passion for his art just moved so much ! ! I enjoyed meeting his family and many people that came to his performances ! ! Not to mention I got some dope pics of everything ! ! I had such a wonderful experience . Little did I know among the several blessings that happened to me while I was up there, that an opportunity for me D-Natural, to perform some my own art at the historic Nuyorican Poets Cafe would arise ! ! I had a blast as I shared the stage some incredible talent ! ! I do plan 2 be back there soon !

Kilusan Bautista,

Performing at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe was an amazing experience and I met some incredibly talented people !

Host/Poet Nathan Pearson
Poet Lyvonne "Proverbs" Briggs
Visual Artist Alicia C. Cobb,

Poet Jason " Phenix " Hall,
Shanna T. Melton (, Phenix and Proverbs
It was great to share the stage and getting to know Phenix, his sister Proverbs and another great poet/artist Ms. Shanna T. Melton at the event evening ! ! Please check them out ! ! I'm looking forward to building with them and so many others in the future ! !
While I was there, Phenix blessed me with a copy of his new album entitled "Yahweh's Paintbrush", which is nothing short of awesome ! !

Jason "Phenix" Hall, Yahweh's Paintbrush
New York was such an awesome experience and I hope to return soon and perform even more and see of the city ! To have my music and my poetry respected by everyone up there meant so much to me !

After the incredible month of September I just had, it's nice to start of the month of October with my Washington Redskins (3-1) off to a fantastic start ! ! ! We sure have been getting the job done on the field and I'm proud of my home team ! ! Hopefully the players will be able to get some derserved rest this upcoming week and continue the momentum as we go deeper into the season ! Somehow I don't think they will have a problem clipping the wings of the Eagles a little more the next game they play ! Hey, u heard it here first !! Go Skins !!

Until the next time everyone keep chasing your dreams & keep the faith ! Please be sure to check the next short blog after this one soon, for I will release a couple of beats out the vault ! I've been promising all my dope Twitter followrs (@ArtisticVisionz) I will release some new music until my "Poetic Soul" EP is finished ! ! So I will deliver as always ! Thx everyone sooooooooooo much for their support of this blog, D-Natural and the Artistic Visionz Productions brand ! ! You guys have no idea how much you the love and respect for what I do is felt ! ! ! Peace and Blessings . . .

D-Natural, AVP

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grinding in the key of D-Natural . . .

What's up world ? ! It's your man D-Natural 1nce again comin atcha with the latest of Artistic Visionz ! I know it's been awhile since my last post . As I've said b4, when ya don't find me bloggin, I must be hella busy & I am . . . . . .

Moca DC Art Gallery, Georgetown ( )
Let's begin by rewinding back to last weekend, where I headed to Georgetown to the beautiful MOCA DC art gallery for an awesome exhibit put on by my homie Darryl Bennett and his crew Tokyo 13 ! I had a great time and made some cool new friends ! I appreciate art & the people who create it . Some great art has inspired alot of my music .

Darryl Bennet ( )

Darryl and I were talking about how it's crazy that it seems that the art and the music community don't connect more . It makes sense being that both musicians and artist create art and we should come together more often to have an even greater impact in the industry . Well I'm gonna be one of the cats to change that . Some things will be in the works with artist like Darryl to help further unite the art and music worlds . I've got some great ideas on some events I wanna do, so as usual I'll keep you guys updated ! The Moca DC art gallery was such a beautiful place and full of cool art . Not the mention the owner David Quammen is one cool cat ! It was great getting to know him and the history of the gallery . Who knows ? a D-Natural concert may just be here in the future . . Hmmmm . .

A couple of days later that Sunday, after rocking on stage at church as usual, I headed to rehearse with the DMV's legendary Norman Weeks. I'll be playing drums on his next single for his upcoming album ! ! It's always a pleasure to play with Mr. Weeks and it's been great having him as one of my mentors in the music business .  It was blast playing on his last album Norman's Dream . That happened to be my first time being credited as a session musician on another artist's album, so that was truly a great moment for my career . I look very much forward to recording on his next single for his new album and that it also will be made into a music video ! ! A cameo from D-Natural in the video ? Hmmmm . . We'll just have to see !

Norman Weeks ( )
 We all met of at this church around the corner from my house in Southeast, DC to rehearse . The other musicians were real cool guys and could really play ! It's fun to play with people that know what they are doing and know exactly how to groove . We are getting it in really funky on this this next single ! ! I can't wait to record it with them next month !

So after a weekend packed full of grinding and networking, I decided to kick this week off by heading downtown to finally catch the A Tribe Called Quest documentary movie, Beats, Rhymes and Life, which has been out for a minute now . Due to the fact that it's been doing really good in the theaters, it was still showing in my area ! I meant to see it earlier in the month when it first hit the theater but things got really busy for me . For all my A Tribe Called Quest fans and just fans of real hip hop period, you guys should definitely check it out . It was worth the wait. The E Street Cinema downtown is the only one still showing it in the DMV area so you gotta hurry !

A Tribe Called Quest taught me to much about hip hop and the directions that you can take with jazz . They have had such and influence on me as an artist and musician . If you have noticed, some of the title of this blog page is from the title of one of thier albums Beats, Rhymes, and Life . It was my way of paying homage to them and just real good music in general . It's also a phrase that desribes alot of what my Artistic Visionz Productions brand is about . Little did I know that they would title the movie of them with the same phrase as well . My favorite A Tribe Called Quest album has to be the Midnight Marauders joint ! I remember buying that joint on cassette tape back in the day . The film was cool in showing you the origins of the group and giving an up close and personal view into the lives of the members . I learned so much about hip hop as well as how the music business can tear even the best of friends apart behind the scenes . Hopefully the guys will give the world another album one day but if not, the groups contribution 2 music will be appreciated for generations to come .

As for your man here, I've been hanging in there . I'm still at work writing verses to the tracks I've made for my Poetic Soul EP, which will be the first album I release this year . With a heavy school work load , I've been getting kinda fustrated because I can't always record when I want . But just know that it will be out very soon and as I've said before, it will be worth the wait ! ! In the meantime , on my next blog I'll release some unreleased beats to keep yall ears satisfied until then so please stayed tuned ! As always, I appreciate my fans and everyone's constant suppport of what I'm doing . As you can see, I'm still everywhere as usual, making moves  . So just know that you man is getting it in and getting things done . Until the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams ! Peace & Blessings

D-Natural, AVP

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm addicted to postive progress ! !

What's good world ? ! ? ! D-Natural comin atcha again with some updates ! As I type this, I'm in the computer lab here at my school on the last day of the semester . I'm getting some much needed work done ! This week has been a busy one as usual. But then again, you guys know by now that I STAY busy, so it aint nothin new 2 tell you all that . However I've been busy in all other areas except for working on my music . Today I'm wrapping up this Spring semester here at school . You see I don't take breaks and I'm going to school year round non-stop . I'm doing it that way so I can finish alot earlier, so that I may focus more on this music career of mines . I have alot on my plate as usual but I'm loving it ! I love to grind and see the positive results unfold in front of my eyes, knowing that no one did it but ME . I'll have break next week before the next semester begins. I'm going to use the break to continue working on my first album for the year, Poetic $oul . . It's on its way ! Just trying to get it nice and perfect for ya ! ! This week aside from school, I've been practicing and getting used to my new DSLR camera . I've decided to share some of my photos with you of this weeks grind . You will see more photos here from now on, as I intend to show you my journey through my life visually as well as musically and poetically . . After all, my company is called Artistic Visionz for a reason . . Time to start showing more of the artistic side of things visually . . Feel me ? You dig ?

The week kicked off Sunday with my church's 10th Anniversary service . Above is a photo of my pastor and his wife . She gave me a nice smile for this shot ! It was a great service and you know your man got it in on my drums ! I was told that we really were off the hook ! ! I try my best, I don't know how to do it any other way . . It was funny because one of the drummers from the other guest choirs, actually got up from the audience and went all the way around the auditorium to see me play when we was in the orchestra pit ! ! When he first got there and saw my set he looked like he wasn't impressed with my drums until he heard me actually play them ! ! Then he wanted to use my sticks instead of his and I was like naw son, these are my Tony Royster, Jr. (Google him) signature sticks and they are expensive so that wasn't happening ! ! All in all it was a great service and I always like to especially demonstrate my skills to the guest choirs that come through . .

(One of the guest choirs in action)

Fast forward a couple of days later, where I decided to head downtown with a good friend of mines to the Smithsonian so I can get more practice in with my new camera on a variety of subjects ! Not to mention this was also the first place I've been to for fun in several, several months, being as though I don't go out much for leisure . I know, crazy right ? ? I just prefer to be in the bat cave working on my material most of the time, especially now & days . . However, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out and acting like a normal person as well . . .

Well time to pack up and head out this computer lab, so I can go home and relax before I finish up the rest of this school work . . Until the next time, stay tuned for my long overdue 1st single "Guestlist" to kick off the summer . I promise the new material is worth the wait ! As always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams . . Peace & Love

D-Natural , AVP

Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress 2wards $uccess . . . .

Whats's good world ! It's your man D-Natural back with another installment of this here blog of mines ! ! Much love 2 all my fans, readers, followers and everyone showing mad respect 2 Artistic Visionz Productionz ! As always, I've been hard at work trying to finish my projects so I can get to the next phase of things as well as future projects . The pic above was taken yesterday a couple of hours before filling me duties behind the drums 4 choir rehearsal . For choir rehearsals, we meet at our property in Upper Marlboro, MD. On the land is beautiful house where we meet. I got there a few hours early because my band mate Norman Weeks (GOOGLE HIM) had a piano lesson to give there . Being that I'm the type of person that believes in making the best of their time, I brought my equipment and immediately set up in one of the rooms and got 2 work recording ! Lord forgive me, but it was kinda crazy yet funny recording hip-hop upstairs in the house owned by my church . After all, it is holy land and I'm up there posted up spitting explicit rhymes smh . . But hey, I gotta get it in some how . . I wanna finish things so that I can share my latest projects with all of you. I've already planned what things I wanna release this year . As an artist who is self-managed, self-produced, self-engineered, self-employed, in school, etc. . , its alot of fun wearing all these types of hats but it's alot of grinding ! ! It's all good though, its part of the life I chose and I appreciate it !

I've decided to revamp my album Poetic $oul which will be the first album I will be releasing this year. While getting the songs together that I wanted to use for it somehow life kept having me rewrite songs and look at certain beats I did for the project a different way . Now I've taken a different approach to creating it . This is all good of course, I'm glad these things happen in my artistic world so that I can deliver the freshest, most accurate depiction of me through my art to everyone ! ! I'm a firm believer in sloooow cooking the music and not rushing things . That's one of the great things about being an indie artist is that you can record, release and create what you desire . There's alot of machines out there that control artist, limit their creative freedom . This can really hurt an artist in the long wrong . But it's how alot of the industry is . I love being able to just live life, marinate in its mystery, simmer in reality and out of that my art is born . As you can see, I'm working to get Poetic $oul and my other albums (which Im all working all simultaneously) done ! Thanks 1nce again to everyone for their patience and encouragement, I will not disappoint . Word

This picture was taken right around the corner from my house . It kinda put in perspective that no matter what neighborhood you come from, you can always look up and see that the sky is the limit and Artistic Visionz will be flying high . . Look out very soon 4 singles from my Poetic Soul album as well as little surprises sprinkled here and there . . I'll keep continue to keep yall posted with the newness on everythang . .

D-Natural signing out and as always keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams . . . . peace


Thursday, April 7, 2011

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz, the saga continues...


What's up World! Its me D-Natural comin atcha 1nce again!! It's been awhile since I've personally reached out to my supporters here. So, I've decided to share a small treat with you guys.. Above is a vid of me on the drums messing around b4 the start of choir rehearsal. The drums have always been 1 of my favorite instruments 2 play out of the many, that I'm blessed 2 b able 2 play. I've enjoyed playing for my church. I'm improving my skills as a musician and as a professional. I hope you guys enjoy the vid. I be doin that more 4 all of you in the future. I also hope everyone has enjoyed my last few poems I have posted. In the past I've mentioned my upcoming poetry album " Poetic $oul " I'm apologize 4 the delay on that and my other project " The Sigh of Relief " I am happy 2 let yall know that Ill be releasin Poetic $oul in the near future after additional production is done by yours truly. You can expect to hear me perform my poetry live on the album accompanied by my original music, all produced and written by me. This album will serve as the prequel for my 1st full length LP " The Sigh of Relief " album. So look b on the lookout 4 those & other surprises. $tay Tuned...

As 4 other things... I've started my second semester of business school. I'm excited about psychology class. I look forward to learning about the mind, especially my mind! Everyday, I continue to learn about myself. I'm trying to better myself as a man, as a businessman, as a musician, as a professional. Everything brings its own challenges. My mind can be found spinning on the daily. Thoughts racing in many directions. My creative imagination running wild constantly and me goin crazy tryna balance that with my present reality. I'm learning. I am getting better at making the changes that really count. Doin the things that I know will get me ahead. The life of an artist, musician, entertainer can be exciting and at the same draining. U r passionate about your craft. U want 2 expose your art, your soul, the essence of you with your audience, but at the same time you maintain yourself n the balance. A challenge with that is making sure that you don't lose urself n your art to much that u neglect the other blessings n life like family, education, community, nature, etc.. A guy like me is just tryna making progress in winning that challenge. I expect the Artistic Visionz brand to mirror the challenge I face in life to become the best artist and man I can be. I'll continue to express this journey I'm on thru my music, my poetry, my songs, videos, essays, websites, etc.. Just tryna add some that good vibe n2 the universe...

I just wanna thank EVERYONE 4 their support and inspiration!!! Shoutout 2 all my fans and readers here!!! U have know idea how every one of u seeing any of this right now, keeps me goin!!! Look 4 brand new music and poetry by yours truly comin soon. I'll b releasin some nu random singles here and there. We'll just call these appetizers... until I start servin up the main courses!!

Until the next time, as always keep the faith! I'll b back with another post very very soon!! Peace!!  

D-Natural , Artistic Visionz

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Manic Depression....

artwork by Dan Dishman

What's up world!! Its your man D-Natural, back 2 hit you with some more of my original writing. Let me 1st apologize 4 not posting in a minute. As u know, whenever you don't see me, its because iAm maaad busy. Things have been crazy but u know I can't stay away from y'all 2 long!!! Just know that I have some surprises 4 you guys and u know I'ma always hit u with more of my music and writing. I thank everybody 4 their support of this blog and my work. It means alot!! That's part of what keeps my spirits up, when I see my work being recognized and respected! But then those are those times when I don't feel my best and my mind can get very dark. Negative thoughts come and settle like unwanted house guests in my head. I have my cycles where I feel all I do is 4 nothing. I feel lonely, vulnerable and my cries go unheard. Now though I eventually pull out these rough spots mentally, I like 2 record these moments where my mind is chaotic. My music and writing will always express my true nature. Here is a glimpse into the darkness of D-Natural...

Manic Depression

By: D-Natural

thoughts racing
like horses
out of control
spiraling mess
ignoring self
ignoring the facts
loathing attention
but wanting help

is an understatement

desiring to abandon
all that is
for all that isn't


isolated madness

anxiety batters the body
ravishes any purity

bitter blues
are frequent

talents are used
inspired creativity
nourished by
a reality invented

creating is the only
time when he feels
closest to God
at ease

and other moments
are suspended in time

self doubt
with underlying confidence
knighting himself
to impact the world
so that those can
experience his enigma

feeling as if chosen
to carry out several tasks
to unleash a power
not temperamental to any factor

however  fear
is the variable

life is only temporary
as if his mere existence is not enough

playing poker with the devil
but really wanting
the comfort of angels

to be cradled by God
like a new born baby
wishing to return
to a time
where things were simple
before reality
started raping his request
for peace

as though it is a luxury
only afforded
at intervals
of glory by grace

this is a sickness
with a complexity
of a genius design

his screws are loose
but the ones that are not
are polished with pristine quality

thus sustaining him
during times of uncertainty

ye though he walks
through the valley of death
he fears no evil
but  embracing
such a valley
with its dark corners feeling like
a sanctuary for his insanity
but at the same time hell

a paradox of truths

and the thoughts
that riot
in the tin pan allies
of his beautiful mind

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem for K. C.

What's up world! It's your man D-Natural back again! It's been awhile since I've posted a poem. I've decided for the next couple of blogs to post some of unreleased poems straight out of the vault. This one I bring to you today was written for a co-worker at my old job. She was in a very bad relationship with her child's father. I would hear stories and even saw for myself, how he was abuse her, mistreat her, and just put her through alot of stress. Upon seeing her down one day, while I was at my desk in the office, I wrote this poem for her to brighten her spirits. And really, I dedicated this poem to all the woman out there in abusive relationships or just don't feel empowered. The relationship may be with your man, your family, your friend, whatever. The relationship maybe emotionally abusive, physically abusive, or both. This like all my poems I share here was written outta love. Enjoy and be inspired.....

"Poem for K.C."

By: D-Natural

The voice of God within me
compels me to release
these words of my soul
in this piece
for your peace

my emotions run wild
like deer in the Everglades
with sympathy for your sorrows
moving my pen
to flow
in this manuscript
of empowerment

queen destined for greatness
let that which holds you back
be your sword and armor
to battle
weak tyrants
addicted  to preying
on your core

direct your energy
to the universe that equals you

want more of
what you already have inside
mother of creation
birthing nations
with your influence
creating tomorrows soldiers

set the foundation
to reign supreme
over that which is your birthright

claim that which is your dominion
useless tears do nothing
but dilute the purity
that is your concious

excuse me
for being moved
by your mood
hoping to be your muse
helping to bring back your happiness

hustle for glory
knowledge of self
and self respect
you matter

delight all humanity
with each beautiful smile

laugh  and be proud
of your    radiance

be the queen
that is

Saturday, January 15, 2011

D-Natural in full effect for 2011!!!

What's up world!!! It's your main man checking in to hit you with the latest insights in this crazy adventure I call my life. I've been hard at work between trying to make ends meet, going to school (coming up on my 3rd week), and in the lab creating new music & poetry!!! I've been ripping and running everywhere. My legs are killing me!! It's hard when you have to walk everywhere you go on torn ligaments!! I'm not able to get my surgery yet but trust me I'm working on that!! Nothin is gonna slow me down on this grind of mines!! For those of you that believe in prayer, please pray for your man. It's hard out here for a pimp....excuse I mean producer/poet!!! However I'm looking forward to an OUTSTANDING NEW YEAR!! Things have gotten off to a rough start but I'm getting control of this plane and soaring to the stars. I've planted ALOT of seeds so I'm just working on being the best farmer I can to make sure those seeds blossom into beautiful things!!

With all that said, I'm very proud to premier my very first instrumental I made this year called " $mooth ". Check it out and let me know what you think --------->> You can also hear it on my lovely Reverbnation widget on the right side of this page. I also have 3 new instrumentals I've made up there as well called " Midnight ", " Explosion ", and " Y'all ". Check em out and tell me what you think! There is PLENTY more of where that came from. I'm gonna continue to release brand new material as well older material from my vaults that no one has heard! I really wanna thank everyone who has been reading my blog here!! I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!! It's means alot!! I've been very very busy tryna pulls things together but I will be blogging more often! Just bare with me and I like I've told y'all B4  I will not disappoint! I will continue to deliver the new music as well as new poetry!!

Until the next time, I really hope you guys like what you hear! I'll be back very soon with some suprises!! Keep chasing your dreams and keep the faith! I'll do the $ame! Thanks for supporting me, D-Natural, and my brand, Artistic Visionz Productions! Cheers!!

D-Natural, AVP