Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trojan Thriller - D-Natural (720p)

Music Visual for "Trojan Thriller" Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed & Mastered By D-Natural for Artistic Visionz Productions (2013)

Visual Directed & Edited By Rardy Rard

Additional Footage Filmed By D-Natural

off the Unofficial Virginia State University EP Series

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Untitled (sentiment)"

What's up world !?!

It's been awhile since I hit you all with 1 of my original poems . With that said , one of my latest:

Untitled (sentiment)

By: D-Natural

Even the most collegiate

Supreme male sophisticated

On sorority sistas

Or incoming interesting

Specimen of Women

Won’t object my opinion

Of Her

Noticed in class

With a style

That surpasses This entrepreneur




Of Queens

That can satisfy means beyond mere

Lust or attraction

But more intrigued

By a small town girl with big dreams

And He a city boy (man)

Looking for friends

Cultivating a network that extends far beyond sins

But strengthens unification

I Don’t Know Any Better

I’m trapped in academics

Anxiety from performance

Practicing patience

I Neeeed my medicine

Pain reliever

No ibuprofen

And it’s amazing

I can jot paragraphs

Of expression

When my passion exudes


But my procrastination

Enslaves me from completing assignments

When a Woman like Her

Makes it easier

To stay in class cause

She’s my angel

In angles

Of intellectual


Tangled in my

Mangled Mind

For I Know Better

Not to let such a Queen

With a pretty nose ring

That gleams

Brighter than Tupac soliloquies

With a beauty that

Transcends my imagination


On my casting

Her as my lead vixen

But with it being done classy

In a music visual

That would make Her ma dukes

Fancy how such a student

Can recognize the potential

In Her daughter’s radiance


On getting to know Her

But not deviant

Keeping my composure

I just wish Her

Would know

I’m not your Average Joe



On Her relevance

To My brilliance

A subject

Of my moment

Present in reflecting

On how valuable

Each other is



Is the ultimate crime

Not acknowledging

Our existence

Not defined by space or time

A new horizon Our sun shines 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Props from a Legend ! !

I appreciate every single person's support of my work which includes my music, poetry, blogs, photos etc . .

However when I get a thumbs up from music legends such as Narada Michael Walden , who I first became familiar with from being a fan of the legendary jazz-fusion band the Mahavishnu Orchestra ! Mr. Walden has worked with and written songs for the likes of Lionel Ritchie, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston just to name a few. He has a discography that spans decades with countless of classics that I can't all mention in this one post ! Just Google him .

Mr. Walden did me the honor of liking one of my posts on Numubu, a wonderful social networking site for musicians ! The post was a link to another site where I have my first couple of EPs Ceteris Paribus and Sigh of Relief available for download and streaming . So he definitely heard MY work ! He also accepted my friend request which meant a lot !!

As a independent artist/musician that wears so many different hats , during the grind sometimes we can feel that some of our work goes unnoticed. But then we get moments like this , it's just inspiring and motivating that our work is noticed and appreciated !!

All music nerds know about what a legend this guy is ! His drum playing alone on classic records has taught me so much being a drummer myself .

It was exciting as a fan of music period, to see and experience this ! Just had to share .

Until the next time keep chasing your dreams and keep the faith .

Artistic Visionz Productions

Monday, June 17, 2013

$teady Grooving . . .

What's up world ?!

It's your man D-Natural back again with another chapter of my journey to share my gifts with the universe ! Been busy lately as usual making things happen & expanding Artistic Visionz Productions . Very happy to share some of my progress with you all thus far . . .

Still personally inspired by one of the songs I wrote & recorded for my debut EP Sigh of Relief back in August , I decided to reprise my most popular song off that project "Good Enough" with a visual of myself performing an intimate alternate version of it on guitar .

It's seems to have resonated with lots of you out there and of course as with all my work, it's very personal to me as well . I"m very happy to see that people are relating to my music and my messages ! It's really inspiring me continue on this journey that I've started with you all . 

I'm proud and honored to be playing my grandfather's vintage 1979 Peavey T-160 electric lead guitar . Everything time I pick this baby up it just felt right at home in my hands & I fell in love with it a little more each time . I'll be using it a lot more on other projects that I currently have in the works . I might have to possibly hunt for one just like it !! It's nothing like the sound of vintage instruments . With all the technology we have in today's society , musical instruments have evolved so much . But , even with that said , all the technology in the world can't replace the classic sound of instruments & equipment from the past . I personally will be starting a collection of them myself !

San Francisco, California Recording Artist Mr. B
Very proud to have recently collaborated with a great emcee out of San Francisco, California, Mr. B !! I had the opportunity to produce two songs , "Saved" & "Lord With You" , for his newly released album entitled "Hope" !

Mr. B "Hope"
One of the things that immediately stood out to me about Mr. B was his unique style & lyrical content ! He's a complete original . He delivers his lyrics with great energy & passion in all his music . 

I also liked the inspirational messages he injects in all his work , which has culminated into his beautiful new Gospel Hip-Hop album "Hope". A proud family man, Mr. B believes in creating what he calls 100% kid safe Hip-Hop . He definitely accomplishes that on his latest album and it gave me great pleasure to work with him in this effort . It also gave me great pleasure to hear the outstanding songs he wrote and recorded for this album which include our songs:

Everything really turned out great and he really blew me away with what he did to my work especially !! I look forward to more collaboration with this very talented west coast emcee !! I encourage you to click on all the links here to experience how he puts it down !! Trust me , you will NOT be disappointed !!

Until the next time , keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams ! I'll holla at y'all again soon but for now it's back to work . . .

One love

D-Natural, Artistic Visionz Productions

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drums in D-Natural

What's up world ?!?!

Yours truly coming at you with another installment in my blog . I've been pretty quiet lately but know I'm working  extremely hard on the several projects I have on deck for you all ! One of which includes a video series on the ArtisticVisionz Youtube channel ! Subscribe & enjoy my visuals that I will be posting very often soon !!

The above video is the 1st episode in the Drums in D-Natural series where I'm showing a little of what I do on the drums . Each video in this series will be different with me showcasing more of my playing style & technique w/ each episode . Episodes in this particular series will feature me playing drums live alongside my MPC, keyboard, my beats & much much more !

I'm starting multiple video series that will be first brought to you via Youtube . Each series will give you all different visuals of myself and my art which will include a video blog, music videos, beat/instrumental videos, original poetry recitals/readings, studio sessions & much much more !!

Also I'm steadily beefing up my catalog with more new original instrumentals, songs, & poetry ! Hear some of my newest work along with my older work via SoundCloud > > > Click Here

New collaborations with a group of extremely talented artist in the works as well !!

I'll leave you all with that for now . Until the next time, as always, keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams !


D-Natural, AVP

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ceteris Paribus Out Now !

Ceteris Paribus EP 
What up y'all ?! My new EP Ceteris Paribus out now and it's available for free via Bandcamp ! More new music and poetry coming in soon !


D-Natural, AVP

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Grooves . . .

D-Natural (@ArtisticVisionz)

Here are a few of my new instrumentals out the stash. I've been trying different things lately and expanding my sound. 

These joints here find me in a classic hip-hop mood :

My next EP Ceteris Paribus is coming along well. Taking just a little more time with so that I may included a homie of mines on the project for one of the songs. I've never been on a record with another artist at the same time, so I'm gonna give you guys a taste of what I sound like alongside someone else on this record.

I appreciate everyone's support of my movement and my growth as an artist. The next couple of blogs here will showcase some of the new random instrumentals I've been working on lately outside of my solo project. Then we are gonna get into some of my latest poetry as well.

Stay Tuned & as always keep the faith and chasing your dreams!!


Artistic Visionz Productions

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year New Beginnings

What's up world ?!?

It's been awhile since my last post here, I know. As I've said before, when y'all don't see ya man blogging, just know that I am very busy indeed!!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth. I don't call it my birthday, since technically we only have one birthday. However, tomorrow is the day that I it happened for me. Now, usually I don't celebrate mines, but this year I think I will. I've been through a lot & have grown considerably as a human being as well as an artist. I have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. I appreciate the blessings and the knowledge I've gained over the past year. I've put in a lot of work and it's because of that, I'm looking very forward to what this year will yield for me! 

Since it's been awhile since I've given y'all a personal update on my music, poetry and my Artistic Visionz Productions imprint, allow me to do so now...

Alwayz Therro Magazine December 2012
I was approached by Alwayz Therro magazine back in November for an interview to be published in their December issue. This was such a wonderful opportunity for me and a great way to end off the year! They were so professional and I enjoyed doing the interview with them. You can hit them up and subscribe to check out the above issue that I'm in, along with all the other incredible issues they have released. In the interview I discuss my humble beginnings as a musician/artist, give my commentary on music today and so much more! Check them out today and see what they are all about, truly great journalism indeed. 

Ceteris Paribus EP
As of right now, I'm almost complete with the first project I'm releasing this year, an EP entitled Ceteris Paribus. The title is Latin and comes from a term that I learned in Economics class. It basically means nothing else is changing or that everything else remains constant. This inspired the title and theme for this album. 

The songs on this album are cathartic and find me expressing that even though life is a constant   cycle of different changes, I will remain steadfast in my quest to be an unique artist.The album art is a bee on a brick wall. The brick wall symbolizes the walls or obstacles life can place in front of you. However we know that the bee is a busy & hardworking creature, prepared and determined to handle their business one way or another. 

Even though life yields me obstacles that can throw me off my path, I will remain constant & become who I intend to be. I will look to release the album over the next 2 weeks, from which point I will move onto to the other projects I have in store for the people. 2013 will be a very prolific year for D-Natural & Artistic Visionz. Stay tuned!!

I want to thank everyone for their support of me!! 

You guys have no idea how you motivate & inspire me to keep this movement going. I intend to begin this year off in grand fashion, with the release of many unique projects & prose! 

Until the next time, keep the faith & keep chasing your dreams. 

One Love