Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Self-Portrait . . .

What's up world !?! D-Natural back again & this time with another brand new original poem written by yours truly !! 

This morning , while looking at myself in the mirror, I was inspired to compose a self-portrait of myself, but in  written form . 

Usually when you think of an artist creating a self-portrait, you think of a painting, like what Da Vinci or other great artists have done of themselves . Since I'm not a painter or an illustrator of any sort (though I would like to be) I decided to write my self-portrait , since that's what I do !

As I looked upon myself & reflected on the person that I am , fully present in the moment , the words just started pouring out of me . I think I came up with a pretty accurate view of myself for this time . Perhaps I'll write more continuations on this subject as I continue to evolve as a person . But for now , here's ME in written form . . Enjoy ! Peace & Blessings !

"Daniyel Christopher Artis"

By: D-Natural

His very name means
"God has judged the carrier of Christ the artist"

His name bares his destiny
Pride in representing himself with great modesty
With the natural ability 
Of humility

He seeks to enlighten the world confident
Of his essence

Though at times in his life treated like an unworthy peasant
misunderstood by those
wishing to fulfill their own self-interest

He is the culmination 
Of past generations

Of a great heritage
Neglected as a child he raised himself
to exhibit what he's inherited

Beyond his youthful years in maturity
His mind composed classical & jazz compositions
While daydreaming during class in elementary
Never ignoring the voice of God in him
Translating it to his poetry

Teased for being unique, bullied for being different
While deep down he understood of being envied for his presence

Creativity was his gift & curse
From birth
He's practiced his craft for his mission on Earth

To heal & inspire people

Through extracting beauty
From everything he sees
In abundance
Allowing his audience
To harmonize with his existence

Equipped with Aquarian
Knowing others will bring opposition
To his difference
Comprising opinions
To substitute what isn't appreciated of his
He ignores
Their ignorance

His purpose
Upon his renaissance 

He finds solace
In Jesus
Who he relates to from evidence
Of a person who transcended
With what he is dealing with

He proudly carries his own cross

Internalizing salvation through his creations
His art is pieces of his soul sculpted into physical manifestations

Humble genius

& he's forever in debt to the women
Who have fallen in love with him
For truly actually appreciating him for him
& though he desires relationship
With one
To love 
It's a challenge
To share space with His muse he's exclusively in love with

That being his music & prose

He's afflicted
By his talent

For creation
Having faith in this occupation
By this his art will be his redemption

As he watches the world open up to him
Decoding observed truths through his compositions
Choosing to walk around inside out exposing his inner visionz

He accepts the lifestyle of an artist

For it is his true nature

God has knighted him
With a keen sense
He's content
From seeing evidence
Of others inspired & entertained by his relevance

Relying on His intelligence

His enterprise boldly goes
Where other souls
A star on trek
To beautiful enlightenment

His life will be the epitome of it
His name 
Daniyel Christoper Artis

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freedom At Random EP

Freedom At Random EP By D-Natural
The Freedom At Random EP is the second installment in a series of EPs that will be released by D-Natural. Inspired by the tradegy that took place on September 11, 2001, D-Natural's intent was to inject some positive vibes into the universe during a tragic day in history. Released on the 11th anniversary of the event, D-Natural gives us here, four random instrumentals to enjoy.

This EP is dedicated to all those who lost their lives, as well as those affected by the events of September 11, 2001.

This album is for free, however donations are welcome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Be Free - Moonchild

These group of individuals are talented ! I totally love this song ! This is my kind of music ! Their whole albums is fantastic ! Hear the rest of the album here: Moonchild


My Universe

What's good everyone ? Back again with another original poem of mines ! This one is dedicated to all my ladies out there ! Enjoy

"My Universe"

By: D-Natural

She is my universe

eyes like the brightest stars

hair flowing like the milky way

her arms a solar system

surrounding me

feeling the gravitational pull of her heart

my cosmic fantasy

her embrace

an endless voyage

taking me beyond reality

to a realm where

we only exist

and our unity

forms one complete constellation

and our movements

create the seasons

and all of nature

responds to our romance

the radiance of her smile

ignites the sun

and causes all life to bloom