Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grinding in the key of D-Natural . . .

What's up world ? ! It's your man D-Natural 1nce again comin atcha with the latest of Artistic Visionz ! I know it's been awhile since my last post . As I've said b4, when ya don't find me bloggin, I must be hella busy & I am . . . . . .

Moca DC Art Gallery, Georgetown ( )
Let's begin by rewinding back to last weekend, where I headed to Georgetown to the beautiful MOCA DC art gallery for an awesome exhibit put on by my homie Darryl Bennett and his crew Tokyo 13 ! I had a great time and made some cool new friends ! I appreciate art & the people who create it . Some great art has inspired alot of my music .

Darryl Bennet ( )

Darryl and I were talking about how it's crazy that it seems that the art and the music community don't connect more . It makes sense being that both musicians and artist create art and we should come together more often to have an even greater impact in the industry . Well I'm gonna be one of the cats to change that . Some things will be in the works with artist like Darryl to help further unite the art and music worlds . I've got some great ideas on some events I wanna do, so as usual I'll keep you guys updated ! The Moca DC art gallery was such a beautiful place and full of cool art . Not the mention the owner David Quammen is one cool cat ! It was great getting to know him and the history of the gallery . Who knows ? a D-Natural concert may just be here in the future . . Hmmmm . .

A couple of days later that Sunday, after rocking on stage at church as usual, I headed to rehearse with the DMV's legendary Norman Weeks. I'll be playing drums on his next single for his upcoming album ! ! It's always a pleasure to play with Mr. Weeks and it's been great having him as one of my mentors in the music business .  It was blast playing on his last album Norman's Dream . That happened to be my first time being credited as a session musician on another artist's album, so that was truly a great moment for my career . I look very much forward to recording on his next single for his new album and that it also will be made into a music video ! ! A cameo from D-Natural in the video ? Hmmmm . . We'll just have to see !

Norman Weeks ( )
 We all met of at this church around the corner from my house in Southeast, DC to rehearse . The other musicians were real cool guys and could really play ! It's fun to play with people that know what they are doing and know exactly how to groove . We are getting it in really funky on this this next single ! ! I can't wait to record it with them next month !

So after a weekend packed full of grinding and networking, I decided to kick this week off by heading downtown to finally catch the A Tribe Called Quest documentary movie, Beats, Rhymes and Life, which has been out for a minute now . Due to the fact that it's been doing really good in the theaters, it was still showing in my area ! I meant to see it earlier in the month when it first hit the theater but things got really busy for me . For all my A Tribe Called Quest fans and just fans of real hip hop period, you guys should definitely check it out . It was worth the wait. The E Street Cinema downtown is the only one still showing it in the DMV area so you gotta hurry !

A Tribe Called Quest taught me to much about hip hop and the directions that you can take with jazz . They have had such and influence on me as an artist and musician . If you have noticed, some of the title of this blog page is from the title of one of thier albums Beats, Rhymes, and Life . It was my way of paying homage to them and just real good music in general . It's also a phrase that desribes alot of what my Artistic Visionz Productions brand is about . Little did I know that they would title the movie of them with the same phrase as well . My favorite A Tribe Called Quest album has to be the Midnight Marauders joint ! I remember buying that joint on cassette tape back in the day . The film was cool in showing you the origins of the group and giving an up close and personal view into the lives of the members . I learned so much about hip hop as well as how the music business can tear even the best of friends apart behind the scenes . Hopefully the guys will give the world another album one day but if not, the groups contribution 2 music will be appreciated for generations to come .

As for your man here, I've been hanging in there . I'm still at work writing verses to the tracks I've made for my Poetic Soul EP, which will be the first album I release this year . With a heavy school work load , I've been getting kinda fustrated because I can't always record when I want . But just know that it will be out very soon and as I've said before, it will be worth the wait ! ! In the meantime , on my next blog I'll release some unreleased beats to keep yall ears satisfied until then so please stayed tuned ! As always, I appreciate my fans and everyone's constant suppport of what I'm doing . As you can see, I'm still everywhere as usual, making moves  . So just know that you man is getting it in and getting things done . Until the next time, keep the faith and keep chasing your dreams ! Peace & Blessings

D-Natural, AVP