Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Untitled (sentiment)"

What's up world !?!

It's been awhile since I hit you all with 1 of my original poems . With that said , one of my latest:

Untitled (sentiment)

By: D-Natural

Even the most collegiate

Supreme male sophisticated

On sorority sistas

Or incoming interesting

Specimen of Women

Won’t object my opinion

Of Her

Noticed in class

With a style

That surpasses This entrepreneur




Of Queens

That can satisfy means beyond mere

Lust or attraction

But more intrigued

By a small town girl with big dreams

And He a city boy (man)

Looking for friends

Cultivating a network that extends far beyond sins

But strengthens unification

I Don’t Know Any Better

I’m trapped in academics

Anxiety from performance

Practicing patience

I Neeeed my medicine

Pain reliever

No ibuprofen

And it’s amazing

I can jot paragraphs

Of expression

When my passion exudes


But my procrastination

Enslaves me from completing assignments

When a Woman like Her

Makes it easier

To stay in class cause

She’s my angel

In angles

Of intellectual


Tangled in my

Mangled Mind

For I Know Better

Not to let such a Queen

With a pretty nose ring

That gleams

Brighter than Tupac soliloquies

With a beauty that

Transcends my imagination


On my casting

Her as my lead vixen

But with it being done classy

In a music visual

That would make Her ma dukes

Fancy how such a student

Can recognize the potential

In Her daughter’s radiance


On getting to know Her

But not deviant

Keeping my composure

I just wish Her

Would know

I’m not your Average Joe



On Her relevance

To My brilliance

A subject

Of my moment

Present in reflecting

On how valuable

Each other is



Is the ultimate crime

Not acknowledging

Our existence

Not defined by space or time

A new horizon Our sun shines 

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